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Student Organizations

The Student Center for Social Justice and Identity at Vanderbilt University is a vibrant hub supporting over 40 student organizations, each dedicated to fostering cultural understanding, social justice, and community engagement.

Our student-first advising model ensures that organizations receive tailored guidance, empowering student leaders to effectively pursue their respective missions and initiatives. From cultural affinity groups celebrating diversity to activist organizations driving change on campus and beyond, our diverse range of advised organizations reflects the rich tapestry of identities and causes championed by Vanderbilt students.

If you’re passionate about creating positive change or exploring your cultural identity, consider joining one of our existing organizations, or reach out to us if you’re interested in starting your own.

Current Organizations
Advisory Statement

The Student Center for Social Justice and Identity (SCSJI) advises many student organizations on campus. These organizations are all self-governed by their respective constitutions, presidents, and executive boards. The programs, protests, statements, and other actions engaged in by the student organizations advised by SCSJI do not necessarily represent the opinions, values, or beliefs of Vanderbilt University, Student Affairs, or SCSJI.

Student Organization Resources