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Digital Signage Policy

Below are the guidelines to post items on the digital signage in Sarratt Student Center|Rand Hall and the Student Life Center. These guidelines are intended to ensure facility specific information is posted on the signage, as well as to ensure that the playlist of items remains reasonable in length.

Departments and organizations that meet the criteria to post on the digital signage must send a widescreen format, screen resolution JPG image (aspect ratio of 16:9, or 1920 px wide X 1080 px tall at 72dpi), saved with the run dates in the filename (ex. 3-20to3-26OACS.jpg), via email to digitalsignage@vanderbilt.edu one week prior to having it posted.

Guidelines for Digital Signage (in order of priority):

  • Communicate emergency information.
  • Communicate facility related information, examples include:
  • Daily list of events
  • Student Employment Opportunities
  • Finals study space
  • Hours of operation
  • Opening up of reservations

The following areas within the Dean of Students office are given one 11 second slide at a time. It is the responsibility of each area director to determine which slide to have posted. All signs must come through one of these departments and be posted for at least 3 days.

  • Arts & Campus Events #1
  • Arts & Campus Events #2
  • Office of Greek Life
  • Student Organizations and Governance
  • Health and Wellness
  • Student Leadership Development
  • Center for Student Professional Development
  • OACS
  • LGBTQI office
  • Religious Life
  • Intercultural Affairs
  • Daily Building events screen
  • Building-specific information

The following campus wide events will take priority:

  • Orientation
  • Family Weekend
  • Homecoming and Reunion
  • Mosaic Weekend
  • Rites of Spring
  • Commencement

*Attention student organizations: We strongly recommend you use the free services of the ACE Design Team. They are available to design digital signage as well as other promotional items for your event.

*If you are creating an ad with PowerPoint and need help changing the aspect ratio, please follow these steps if using PowerPoint 2010: In the Design tab, click Page Setup. For Width, enter 26.67 inches, and for Height, enter 15 inches. Click OK. Then under the File tab, click Options. In the dialog click Advanced, and under the Image Size and Quality section, make sure the “Do not compress images in this file” box is checked. Then for “Set default target output to” select 96 ppi. Click OK and save your slide as a JPEG file.
For Powerpoint 2013 please refer to this article for help.
*One of the screens behind the Sarratt|Rand information desk will be dedicated to information and Ticketmaster only.
*Requests for exceptions can be emailed to Chris Reed, Director of Student Centers.