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Training and Workshops

SCSJI offers a variety of training and workshop sessions to help Vanderbilt students and student organizations unpack their identities and positionalities in society, unlearn and disrupt stereotypes and biases, and challenge inequity on campus and in their broader community. Training and workshop sessions are offered as online modules and in-person facilitation. Sessions can range in length and scope depending upon the needs and demands of students and organizations.

The SCSJI has a variety of training sessions/workshops already developed and available for student groups to engage in. We also have the opportunity for groups to request a custom workshop. See below for a list of our training/workshop offerings divided into groups:

Microaggressions, Inclusive Language, Difficult Conversations, and Social Identities

Any one of these four workshops are recommended for new member orientations, student leader trainings, first-year students, and student groups who want to start having more foundational conversations about diversity & inclusion.

The Impact of Power and Privilege

This workshop can be paired with any of the other workshops listed or stand on its own. Recommended for groups who have received prior training on cultural competence, student leaders who have served in their positions for some time, and groups who are comfortable discussing diversity and inclusion but are ready to challenge one another to think more critically at the systemic level.

Inclusive Programming, Diversifying Memberships and Countering Colorblind Ideologies

These three workshops (either together or as separate sessions) are recommended for groups who have received prior training on cultural competence and power/privilege, student leaders who are serving as advocates or allies, and groups who are seeking feedback and direction to improve their current leadership practices.

Anti-Racism Training Series

The Anti-Racism Training Series is a combination of three of our existing workshops that are framed within an anti-racism lens and has interactive activities and dialogue that connect to current event topics so students can engage in real-time with the tools they learn about.


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