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Interfaith Engagement and Reflection

Most programming led by Religious Life staff involves conversation and reflection that integrate intellectual, social, and spiritual aspects of life on campus.  The Vanderbilt Interfaith Council and the Interfaith Fellowships are dedicated to learning about and from different religious, spiritual, and secular perspectives, wisdom traditions, and worldviews.  Affiliate and staff chaplains gather regularly as the Vanderbilt Religious Ministers Association for professional development, as well as coordination of efforts to provide spiritual and emotional support and care to the Vanderbilt community.

Project Dialogue

Project Dialogue is a series of events that promote non-sectarian reflection on identity, community, and purpose through engagement across lines of difference.

This I Believe

“This I Believe” is a dinner series based on the National Public Radio dialogues on belief of the same name.  Faculty members prepare a reflection on their core values and then lead a conversation over dinner.

Fall Semester 2020: 5:15pm on September 17, October 15, and November 12

Narrative 4 Story Exchanges

The Narrative 4 story exchange is a powerful model based on the principle that we will see the world and ourselves more empathically through the exchange of personal narratives.

Fall Semester 2020: 7pm on September 13, October 11, November 8, and December 20

Intersectional Identities

Religion, spiritual, and secular perspective is just one aspect of a person’s identity.  These programs seek to help community members claim, articulate, and live fully into their unique identity.

Vanderbilt Interfaith Council (VIC)

The Vanderbilt Interfaith Council is a student organization that facilitates cooperation among campus religious and spiritual communities, organizes opportunities for interfaith dialogue, and conversation about faith perspectives on social issues and current events.

Dialogue Dinners, Fall Semester 2020: September 3, 17; October 1, 15, 29; November 12; and December 3

Council and Board Meetings, Fall Semester 2020: August 27; September 10, 24; October 8, 22; and November 5, 19

Interfaith Fellowships

Interfaith Fellowships are a new program of Religious Life.  Check back here for more information soon.

Vanderbilt Religious Ministers Association

Religious Life staff and affiliate chaplains meet regularly for professional development, mutual support, and coordination of spiritual and emotional care of the Vanderbilt community.