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Leighton Durham

Research Area: Clinical Science

Leighton is a graduate student in the Vanderbilt University Clinical Science Doctoral Program. Her primary research interests include characterizing the neurobiological mechanisms underlying internalizing symptoms and their differential manifestations, as well as identifying neurobiological targets for early detection, prevention, and treatment of internalizing disorders. 

Lab Website

Representative Publications

Chang, S., Cerit, H., Hye, T., Durham, E. L., Aizley, H., Boukezzi, S., Haimovici, F., Goldstein, J. M., Dillon, D. G., Pizzagalli, D. A., & Holsen, L. M. (2021). Stress-induced alterations in HPA-axis reactivity and mesolimbic reward activation in individuals with emotional eating. Appetite.

Durham, E. L., Jeong, H. J., Moore, T. M., Dupont, R. M., Cardenas-Iniguez, C., Cui, Z., Stone, F. E., Berman, M. G., Lahey, B. B., & Kaczkurkin, A. N. (2021). Association of Gray Matter Volumes with General and Specific Dimensions of Psychopathology in Children. Neuropsychopharmacology.

Jeong, H. J., Durham, E. L., Moore, T. M., Dupont, R. M., Cardenas-Iniguez, C., Micciche, E. T., Berman, M.G., Lahey, B. B., & Kaczkurkin, A. N. (2021). The Association between Latent Trauma and Brain Structure in Children. Translational Psychiatry.

Moore, T. M., Kaczkurkin, A. N., Durham, E. L., Jeong, H. J., McDowell, M. G., Dupont, R. M., Applegate, B., Tackett, J. L., Cardenas-Iniguez, C., Kardan, O., Akcelik, G. N., Stier, A., Rosenberg, M. D., Hedeker, D., Bernman, M. G., & Lahey, B. B. (2020). Criterion Validity and Relationships between Alternative Hierarchical Dimensional Models of General and Specific Psychopathology. Journal of Abnormal Psychology.


2021, Russell G. Hamilton Graduate Leadership Institute Professional Development & Training Grant, Vanderbilt University

2021, Vivien Casagrande Neuroscience Travel Award, Vanderbilt University

2021, Gayle Fambrough Fellowship, Vanderbilt University

2021, Psychological Science Research Grant Honorable Mention, American Psychological Association of Graduate Students

2020, Student Poster Award, Society for Psychophysiological Research

2020, Tennessee Psychological Foundation Fellowship, Tennessee Psychological Foundation

2020, Gayle Fambrough Fellowship, Vanderbilt University

2019, Graduate Fellowship (Russell G. Hamilton Scholar), Vanderbilt University

2018, The Phi Beta Kappa Society, Duke University

2017, Magna Cum Laude, Duke University

2017, Graduation with Distinction in Psychology, Duke University

2017, Undergraduate Independent Study Grant, Duke University