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Hee Jung Jeong

Research Area: Clinical Science

Representative Publications

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Jeong, H. J., Durham, E. L., Dupont, R. M., Moore, T. M., Dupont, R. M., McDowell, M., Cardenas-Iniguez, C., Micciche, E. T., Berman, M. G., Lahey, B. B., & Kaczkurkin, A. N. (in press). The Association between Latent Trauma and Brain Structure in Children. Translational Psychiatry

Durham, E. L., Jeong, H. J., Moore, T. M., Dupont, R. M., Cardenas-Iniguez, C., Cui, Z., ... & Kaczkurkin, A. N. (2021). Association of gray matter volumes with general and specific dimensions of psychopathology in children. Neuropsychopharmacology, 1-7.

Pegg, S. L.†, Jeong, H. J.†, Foti, D., & Kujawa, A. (2021). Differentiating stages of reward responsiveness: Neurophysiological measures and associations with facets of the behavioral activation system. Psychophysiology, 58(4) .

Moore, T. M., Kaczkurkin, A. N., Durham, E. L., Jeong, H. J., McDowell, M. G., Dupont, R. M., ... & Lahey. B. B. (2020). Criterion validity and relationships between alternative hierarchical dimensional models of general and specific psychopathology. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 129(7), 677-688.

Jeong, H. J., & Cho, Y. S. (2020). The effects of induced and trait anxiety on the sequential modulation of emotional conflict. Psychological Research, 1-16.

Jeong, H. J., & Cho, Y. S. (2019). Cognitive control under high threat: the effect of shock on the congruency sequence effect. Motivation and Emotion43(6), 906-916.

† Denotes shared first authorship