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Who We Are

The Vanderbilt University Office of Investments fosters an environment where teamwork, intellectual curiosity, collaboration, and passion are the foundation of who we are.  

Our team is comprised of a group of professionals who have worked in many areas of finance, operations, and administration. We combine this deep experience with strong open-mindedness and regular interrogation of our own biases and process as we seek the best investment outcomes to grow Vanderbilt's endowment.  Our office is committed to supporting each other, upholding our team values, continuously striving for excellence, and supporting the core mission of Vanderbilt University.  Each and every person is an integral part of our team.  



Anders Hall, CFA

Anders was named Vanderbilt University’s vice chancellor for investments and chief investment officer in July 2013.  Anders joined Vanderbilt from Duke University, where he served as head of public securities. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Duke University in economics and public policy studies, going on to the Stern School of Business at New York University for his MBA in economics and finance.  He worked at Duke for the past decade, and prior to that he held positions at Hewitt Investment Group (now Aon Hewitt) and Prudential Financial. 


Bart Brunk

Bart is the managing director for the operations department at the Vanderbilt University Office of Investments. Bart joined the Vanderbilt team in 2014 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he served as managing director. Prior to working at UNC, Bart worked at Duke University for seven years. Bart earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting and economics at Westminster College and his MBA from Washington University. 



Shawn Goodman

Shawn serves as a managing director for the public investments team at Vanderbilt University. Prior to joining Vanderbilt University in 2014, Shawn was a portfolio manager at Bocage Capital, an investment manager at Duke University, a credit analyst at Morgan Stanley, and a financial analyst at Chevron. He spent eight years in the United States Army and National Guard. He received his bachelor’s degree in finance and business administration from the California Polytechnic State University and his MBA from Duke University.



Travis Shore, CFA

Travis serves as the managing director for the private investments team. Travis joined Vanderbilt University in 2014 after serving as an investment director at the Alfred Sloan Foundation. Prior to that, Travis served as a director of investments at New York University. Travis earned his BBA in banking and finance at the University of North Florida.