Employee Recognition Programs

The Office of Investments celebrates teamwork through several employee recognition programs. These awards acknowledge and reward staff who demonstrate outstanding performance, collaboration, and dedication to our mission. We believe recognizing and appreciating each other helps to foster a positive work environment.


Annual Awards

Two annual awards are presented to employees who have been recommended by their peers and then selected by the Leadership Team.


Vanderbilt is a community dedicated to the lifelong realization of our potential. The Office of Investments thrives on that spirit of perpetual growth and collectively striving to succeed. We are committed to protecting and growing the endowment assets to support the University and its mission in perpetuity. We do this by continuously looking for ways to improve our processes, challenging the status quo, and generating new ideas to advance our work.

The MVP Award is presented annually to a staff member who advanced this mission by making a significant impact on a process, investment, project, or initiative. This individual went the extra mile, problem-solved, or innovated in important ways, and thereby made a positive impact on our department, the university, and our endowment.


A successful culture of teamwork can be characterized as an environment marked by the shared belief that the organization can move forward most effectively when collaboration and cooperation are at the heart of thinking, planning, and decision-making. Teamwork and collaboration are part of our core values.

The Team Player Award is presented annually to a staff member who fosters collaboration, approaches his or her work with a team-based mentality, embodies a mindset of solutions and new ideas that help push the team forward, and helps shape and grow our culture. This individual positively influences the work environment, achieves goals, and overcomes obstacles.

MVP 2023 – Luke Blanton (right)

Luke Blanton received the Most Valuable Player award for the Vanderbilt Office of Investments in December 2023 due to his exceptional performance and contributions to the team's success. 

Team Player 2023 – Cubbedge Snow (left)

Cubbedge Snow was awarded the Ultimate Team Player award for the Vanderbilt Office of Investments in December 2023 for his exceptional teamwork and dedication to supporting his colleagues. 

Kudos & Employee of the Month

Each month, Kudos are collected from staff who want to spotlight their co-workers, managers, and direct reports. Kudos are a lighthearted way to give encouragement and thank others for their hard work. At the end of the month all employees who have received a kudo are eligible to win Employee of the Month. Winners pass around the Employee of the Month trophy to display on their desk.

  • 2023 Employee of the Month Recipients
    • January - Dorigen Lonergan
    • February - Ashley White
    • March - Luke Blanton
    • April - Cubbedge Snow
    • May - Steve Ratliff
    • June - Max Chmelik
    • July - Luke Blanton (2nd win!)
    • October - Zane Sun
  • 2022 Employee of the Month Recipients
    • April - Danielle Thebeau
    • May - Roy Yum
    • June - LeAnne Huber
    • July - Cubbedge Snow
    • August - Max Chmelik
    • September - Ryan Miller
    • October - Roy Yum (2nd Win!)
    • November - The Commodore Conference Room Mondopad