Analyst Program

Our three-year investment analyst program is designed to build a foundation for individuals to be the leaders of tomorrow.


The investment analyst is vital to our team. They assist in managing the endowment’s diverse portfolio, which includes global equity, hedge funds, commodities, fixed income, private equity, venture capital, natural resources, and real estate. Our office comprises two investment teams: public investments and private investments. The public investment team handles global investments and the endowment’s derivatives portfolio, while the private investment team focuses on funds and co-investments. After three years, analysts can pursue various career paths, such as graduate business school, asset management, or buy-side investment firms (hedge funds and private equity firms).

Ethan's experience in the Investment analyst program


"Vanderbilt's Office of Investments is a place where you can find mentors who truly care about your personal growth, colleagues who sincerely value collaborations, and challenges that are intellectually stimulating. It's also rare to find an opportunity, as someone fresh out of college, to directly engage with and learn from the top-tier money managers across different asset classes and geographies."
- Ethan

Who can apply

Our program is designed for soon-to-be graduates. We seek students with an outstanding record of academic achievement, a teamwork mentality, and a passion for finance and investments.

When can I apply?

Our Fall 2023 recruitment phase has concluded. Please visit our website at a later time for updates on future job opportunities.