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Join an office where teamwork, curiosity, mentorship, and passion thrive.

The Vanderbilt University Office of Investments works to protect and grow the endowment to support the University’s mission and bring new opportunities to our faculty and students.  Together we hope to contribute to an open, diverse, and bright future for Vanderbilt University.

Our team is comprised of professionals who have worked in many areas of finance, operations, and administration.  We combine this deep experience with open-mindedness and regular interrogation of our own biases and processes as we seek the best investment outcomes to grow Vanderbilt's endowment.  Our office is committed to supporting each other, upholding our team values, continuously striving for excellence, and supporting the core mission of Vanderbilt University.  Each and every person is an integral part of our team. 

Vanderbilt University is committed to improving the lives of its employees, and helping foster a healthy work-life balance. As such, our office offers flexible summer schedules, competitive benefits, and regular office outings where we can grow as a team.  Being part of Vanderbilt University also means tuition discounts for staff, spouses of staff, and dependents.

To help improve and grow our office, we offer opportunities for professionals, current students, and recent college graduates.  You can learn more about these programs by clicking the links in the right sidebar. 


Our office is full of fun, interesting, and intelligent individuals. Together we work hard to ensure the success of Vanderbilt's mission and our endowment's future. We also take time to craft a strong office culture that focuses on service, innovation, and enthusiasm. From our semi-annual office outings to birthday celebrations, we know that it's important to love the place you work. Our open office environment encourages discussion and teamwork, and our break room is the perfect forum for friendly shop-talk and the occasional community breakfast! We believe in celebrating our staff and positively impacting our co-workers. 


Outside the office, our team is passionate about getting involved and making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We do this by serving food at the Nashville Rescue Mission, volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee, and participating in food, clothing, and gift drives. We believe communities are the economic building blocks of the future and are the heart of our personal lives. We care, we get involved, we give back, and we make a difference!

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