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Summer Internship Program


The Office of Investments manages Vanderbilt University’s endowment by allocating to world-class managers and direct investment opportunities across geographies, sectors, and asset classes. Our interns have the opportunity to work on one of our three teams. Investment interns support either our private or public teams, and we also host internships on our operations team.

Growth Opportunity

Many students find that the internship provides a crash course in the world of finance and investments, equipping them to understand or express commentary on financial markets and preparing them for future jobs and interviews. By reading and hearing market commentary and stock pitches from skilled managers and participating in strategic and tactical discussions, interns develop a framework for understanding the investment landscape that they can use to form and express their own investment opinions. We strive to understand our portfolio from top to bottom, which means there is always something new for us to study and learn. Interns become familiar with Microsoft Excel, Backstop, and Bloomberg. They learn effective communication and develop basic business abilities. Interns receive mentorship from analysts, managers, and managing directors throughout the internship.

Who Can Apply

Our program is designed for undergraduates seeking investment and office experience. We are targeting students with an outstanding record of academic achievement and a passion for finance and investments. Our internships are open to both Vanderbilt students and students from other universities.


In preparation for an interview with our office, we suggest conducting research on endowment investing. We also recommend practice in articulating your interests, skills, and experiences. We are glad to answer any questions you may have during the interview.

If you are a Vanderbilt student-athlete, please find more information specific to you here.

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