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Current Scholars

Aaron Li

Class of: 2026
Hometown: Portland, OR
School: College of Arts and Science
Major(s): Economics and Computer Science

As a native Portlander, Aaron has dedicated much of his life to building inclusive communities. During high school, he co-founded Project Lotus, a nonprofit dedicated to destigmatizing AAPI mental health. In his work, Aaron created a community blog that highlighted personal mental health journeys and organized informative webinars featuring mental health professionals. He also co-founded Solarvent and built solar-powered, cost-effective ventilation systems for villages in Myanmar to make clean air more accessible to the developing world. From these experiences, Aaron has found the most value in understanding and empathizing with the communities he seeks to serve. By building strong relationships with both community members and leaders, Aaron creates innovative, human-centered solutions.

As an Ingram Scholar, Aaron always searches for better ways to tackle pressing problems. He hopes to continue his previous service by developing a stipend program that makes professional mental health treatment more accessible. He also plans to begin building clean technology, as he finds climate change the greatest challenge facing his generation. Aaron looks forward to his next four years as an Ingram Scholar, where he will continue to conduct meaningful service.