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Current Scholars

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Emily Meffert - Class of 2017

Emily’s passion for volunteerism and community outreach was sparked within the first few weeks of high school as she became involved in the oldest and largest international service organization for high school students—Key Club. It was through her experiences in Key Club that volunteerism became a critical part of her role as a high school student and—furthermore—as a citizen.

Abby Morgan - Class of 2017

Abby has always felt passionately that all people should have independence. Growing up in a small Catholic elementary school in a diverse neighborhood, she always embraced the expectation of serving her community.

Nichole Smith - Class of 2017

Early on in her educational career, Nichole developed a passion for combatting inequalities and bridging gaps between the communities around her. This interest in helping others was strengthened when she enrolled in Atlanta International School and began to consider the implications of her service on both a local and global scale.

Katy Wyszynski - Class of 2017

Katy is not one for collecting mementos from her service endeavors. She always gives away her colored pages or handmade bracelets she has created.


Alex Bogdon - Class of 2016

Alex has a passion for community involvement and public service, and is honored to further these passions with the help of the Ingram Family and Ingram Scholarship Program. Alex has a fascination with government and the opportunity it provides to serve people everyday.

Bridget Claborn - Class of 2016

With a father who founded the community outreach division of Great Plains Pop Warner football, and a mother who works for a non-profit public health organization, Bridget was raised on the foundation precepts of community service.  In high school, she was deeply impacted by her experience with urban education, and worked hard on various projects to make the Omaha Public School District more equitable.

Nick DeNuzzo - Class of 2016


Juan Felipe Diaz Gutierrez - Class of 2016

Throughout his first semester at Vanderbilt University, Juan Felipe explored a plethora of service organizations. He was involved in the building of houses for families in need with Habitat for Humanity.


Connor Henderson - Class of 2016

Connor discovered his call to service from a lady with a dirty, old sweater.

Kyuhoon Kim - Class of 2016

Currently on a leave of absence serving in the South Korean military.

Rachel King - Class of 2016

Rachel grew up in a humble home surrounded by family members who fostered her love for others at an early age. It was during her teenage years though when Rachel’s passion for public service extended to the people in her community and at her high school.

Forest Ogunyankin - Class of 2016

Forest entered Vanderbilt University and the Ingram Scholarship Program eager to utilize and expand his passions for children’s healthcare, refugees and youth development. He began teaching science lessons at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and Edgehill Middle School through Vanderbilt Student Volunteers for Science (VSVS) within his first weeks on campus, and soon joined Project: Bridges, a student organization that paired him with a Congolese Refugee family that had recently resettled in Nashville.

Emily Sauder - Class of 2016

Always passionate about serving others, Emily’s understanding of true need increased dramatically when she took several trips overseas during early high school to serve in the poor areas of Johannesburg, South Africa and Tijuana, Mexico. Taken aback by her experiences, Emily and a friend wrote “Three Minutes”, a drama designed to influence others towards a life of service and ministry.


Catherine Brown - Class of 2015

Gandhi once said, “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their missions can alter the course of history.”  Catherine takes this quote to heart and truly believes that a group of people engaged in small acts of meaningful service can affect lasting change in a community. 

Emma Catlett - Class of 2015

Not yet in the Ingram Scholarship Program, Emma came to Vanderbilt eager to learn about refugees in Nashville and the organizations serving them. She began volunteering as an administrative assistant and occasional interpreter at Siloam Family Health Center, a health center for the uninsured in Nashville.

Jordan Clark - Class of 2015

Since his first year at Vanderbilt, Jordan Clark has worked with the immigrant communities of Nashville in a variety of roles including serving as a volunteer interpreter, tutoring and mentoring underserved students, and helping facilitate an adult English as a Second Language (ESL) course with a local charter school.

Joshua Everett - Class of 2015

“I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being, first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.”  Joshua Everett tries to live by this quote by the infamous Malcolm X.

Morgan Evertz - Class of 2015


Daniel Feuer - Class of 2015

Daniel’s freshman year at Vanderbilt was spent getting adjusted to the nuances of College life. As he explored many areas of study including medicine, economics and the arts his passions for business and medicine began to solidify.

Julian Hinds - Class of 2015

During this past summer Julian’s students underscored for him that service is “a lifestyle that can bring about solutions to our problems.” Through varying service endeavors Julian has sought solutions to the problem of educational inequality for underserved students.

Alex Leddin - Class of 2015

Throughout high school Alex Leddin was blessed with numerous volunteer opportunities that directly aligned with her skills and passions. In the fall of her sophomore year, she participated in a service project in the inner city of Atlanta.

Andrew Legan - Class of 2015

Andrew’s passion for conservation biology first developed while exploring the outdoors. His family provided him with ample opportunity to cultivate an appreciation of the environment with trips to the Great Smokey Mountains in his home state of Tennessee.

Will McCollum - Class of 2015

Although born in Birmingham, Alabama, Will McCollum grew up overseas, spending his most formative years in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Much of his passion for service was inspired by his parents' untiring work as humanitarian aid professionals.

Patrick McGee - Class of 2015

Patrick has varied interests but relishes the opportunity to engage and to learn through the care of others and our world. He believes that service isn’t something to participate in at certain points in time, but developing a habitual atitude of service and of care is the secret to a succesful life.

Ryan McKenney - Class of 2015

A lifelong volunteer thanks to his mother’s passion for volunteering in Memphis nursing homes and schools, Ryan has always been conscious of the need to serve his community. He got his start volunteering with United Cerebral Palsy, De La Salle Elementary School, and Ave Maria Nursing home throughout grade school and high school, and learned that service is never a chore, but rather an imperative and characteristic part of a life led by compassion and empathy.

Mac Muir - Class of 2015

Mac has worked with Will McCollum on hunger issues in the Nashville area. His freshman year, he hosted a food drive to collect 1,600 pounds of food donated by Vanderbilt Students.

Nell Potter - Class of 2015

Much of Nell’s freshman year was spent working with organization in the education realm, and though she continued to work for a number of these organizations her sophomore year, she also expanded her reach and began exploring the field of social business and where business meets service.

Ryan Selvaggio - Class of 2015

Throughout his freshman year at Vanderbilt, Ryan tried to find his niche and his passion through various service endeavors that focused on three main spheres: education, homelessness, and campus outreach. On the topic of education, Ryan spent a lot of his time tutoring a second grader in reading all year at a nearby school through Pencil Projects and also teaching science classes to local 8th grade and 5th grade classes through Vanderbilt Students Volunteering for Science (VSVS).

Alexis Simpson - Class of 2015

The proverb “To whom much is given, much is required” was instilled in Alexis from a young age and she found her passion for service in high school. Alexis was the President and charter member of the Dale City- Prince William County Chapter of Top Teens of America (TTA). 

Caroline Walker - Class of 2015

“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”  Mother Teresa’s words constantly resonate with Caroline and affirm the perspective on life she has developed through service.

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