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Newton Adkins - Class of 2014

A native Nashvillian, Newton became interested in education equity as a youth organizing intern at Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC). In partnership with Latino, Kurdish, and Somalian high school and college students, Newton developed and facilitated youth-led groups that focused on multi-ethnic inclusion and youth empowerment.

Kelsey Hagen - Class of 2014


Rob Higham - Class of 2014

Rob Higham is a Senior in the College of Arts and Science where he is majoring in Public Policy with a concentration in Education Policy. Rob is very interested in school choice and charter schools, and he finds Nashville to be a very fascinating place to see many current education reforms.

Maysa Kaskas - Class of 2014

Maysa's motivation for service stems from her love of working with people and her interest in perspectives, and her service record reflects this passion and commitment. Before arriving at Vanderbilt, she tried to engage in as many service opportunities and realms as possible, eager to make a difference and learn more about how the world works.

Lisa Koenig - Class of 2014

Before coming to Vanderbilt, Lisa was involved in a wide variety of service groups and projects. Her greatest commitment was to The Thai Your Shoes Foundation, a fundraising organization she started to support an orphanage near her father’s home in Pattaya, Thailand.

Shilpa Mokshagundam - Class of 2014

Shilpa's interests in public health and the special needs population flourished after a touching encounter at Hazelwood Rehabilitation Center, a government facility for individuals with profound intellectual disabilities. At this time, Shilpa began to see the hidden beauty and talents of people with disabilities and was inspired to become a special needs advocate and help integrate these capable individuals into society.

Whitley OConnor - Class of 2014

Whitley found his passion for service and action during his junior year of high school after reading the story behind Falling Whistles, an organization dedicated to ending the war in Congo. During the next two years, he explored his philanthropic interests by working with a variety of nonprofits and accumulating over 600 hours of community service.

Anuj Patwardhan - Class of 2014

Anuj is fortunate to have had opportunities to explore his passions and serve his community in several ways since coming to Vanderbilt and throughout high school. During his freshman and sophomore years, he worked with the Nashville Mobile Market, a startup social entrepreneurship aimed at providing a sustainable source of healthy foods in limited access areas, and with Vanderbilt’s Microfinance Club, partnering with area high schools to mentor a class on social entrepreneurship.

David Sanchez - Class of 2014

David arrived at Vanderbilt intent on pursuing a career in the sciences but soon shifted his focus to Film Studies. Small-scale video production had been a hobby in high school and David imagined a career in Hollywood.

Jade Wilkerson - Class of 2014

Through the course of her freshman year, Jade continued many of the service activities she was involved with throughout high school, including tutoring elementary school students with the Preston-Taylor Ministries after-school enrichment program and mentoring girls from her high school, Martin Luther King, Jr. Magnet, with Vanderbilt’s L.I.F.E. Project mentor organization. Additionally, she served as an academic tutor for In Full Motion, a nonprofit designed to improve the ACT scores of underprivileged Nashville students and prepare them for college.


Elin Bunch - Class of 2013

While at Vanderbilt, Elin pursued her passion for education and youth empowerment through academics and service. Elin enjoyed tutoring in many Nashville public schools throughout her time at Vanderbilt, and gained valuable insight into the interconnectedness of community and education.

Drew Cornhaghie - Class of 2013

As a first-semester freshman at Vanderbilt, Drew was able to pursue many service endeavors in the Nashville community. Thanks to the incredible opportunities afforded to him by the Ingram Scholarship, Drew could continue his high school passion of helping to provide educational opportunities for challenged children.

Michael Feldman - Class of 2013

Throughout high school, Michael's community service focused on educating other teens on issues from dating violence to eating disorders and drunk driving. As a freshman, Michael was selected to be a member of TeenAge Communication Theater (TACT), a teen run, volunteer theater troupe sponsored by Planned Parenthood of North Texas.

Ellidia Guan - Class of 2013

Ellidia's passion for music juxtaposed to her interest in the medical field was fundamental in shaping her experience in community service.  Ellidia founded a group called the Revé String Quartet, a musical ensemble that traveled around the state performing classical repertoire for residents of hospitals and veteran’s homes whom did not have the privilege of attending professional concerts.

Nicholas Hall - Class of 2013

Entering Vanderbilt, Nick began to explore different service opportunities in Nashville.  Previously working with youth empowerment and special needs issues, Nick decided to branch out upon reaching campus.

Tina He - Class of 2013

Tina has been involved with various service organizations since day one at Vanderbilt, and is especially passionate to help vulnerable populations. She continued her service interests by volunteering at the American Red Cross and Circle K with a wide range of events, two of the organizations she was already involved in during high school.

Stefanie Herrmann - Class of 2013

Stefanie graduated from high school in New Delhi, India.  During her three-year stay there, Stefanie was involved in several education-based service ventures.

Harris Laughrey - Class of 2013

Most of Harris’s time in high school was spent on Sustain Our Seniors, a service-project he founded which helped senior citizens live at home. This program currently serves senior citizens throughout Carroll County and West Tennessee.

Rachel Morris - Class of 2013

Rachel is delighted to be a part of the Ingram Scholarship Program at Vanderbilt. She became involved in her high school as a Freshmen Mentor and then as a B.A.L.T.O. Candidate for the charitable fundraiser Bring A Light To Others, or B.A.L.T.O. Week.

Tara Mullally - Class of 2013

During her time at Vanderbilt, Tara has challenged herself through practicing the Rotary principle she learned as president of her high school Interact Club: “Service above Self.” In high school, Tara co-founded the Global Green Partnership, a club that educated the community about responsible environmental practices and implemented sustainable solutions pertaining to water usage, cleaning, and recycling.

Dave Ramish - Class of 2013

Dave came to Vanderbilt with many academic and service interests.  In high school he founded a volunteer tutoring program that helped financially disadvantaged students in his area.

Sebastian Rogers - Class of 2013

During his time at Vanderbilt, Sebastian explored a broad range of service activities and interests, initially including food security, global poverty, and environmental conservation. However, it was not until he joined the Ingram Scholarship Program in his Junior year that he narrowed his focus to social justice and workers' rights.

Marwah Shahid - Class of 2013

During high school, Marwah had the opportunity to begin exploring social responsibility by dedicating a significant portion of her time toward civic engagement in her local and global community. As President of Habitat for Humanity and her Senior Class, Marwah found a passion for serving in a multitude of different capacities from building homes to working in hospitals and hospice centers.

Will Stokes - Class of 2013

Early in his first year at Vanderbilt, Will has discovered a passion for international service with Vanderbilt's chapter of Manna Project International, exploring all three aspects of the organization--the local, fundraising, and global initiatives. As a weekly after-school volunteer at Clairmont Apartment complex south of Nashville, Will helped to improve the quality of the library program while concurrently working to add additional community initiatives, such as after-school tutoring and sports programs.

Kristen Sueing - Class of 2013

As a freshman, Kristen Sueing gained a unique perspective on the current existence of education in Tennessee.  Growing up in Nashville, Kristen developed a keen interest in the state of the educational system in Middle Tennessee, specifically involving public or inner city schools since these were the schools she was enrolled in during her early schooling.

Mara Truslow - Class of 2013

In her hometown of Boise, Idaho, Mara ran the One Stone Foundation, which aims to foster extraordinary change through leadership, compassion, and acts of service to foster extraordinary change. The projects that were fundamental in her understanding of service learning and community development included a student-led fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho that raises $100,000 annually, a book for teens with cancer, and one of the first alternative spring breaks for high school students in the country (Break Through).

Katie Ullmann - Class of 2013

In high school, Katie became involved in environmental activism at her high school. She created and organized a town-wide event called the “Carbon Café,” which drew over 200 local residents to pledge to take simple actions to minimize their environmental impact, calculating their carbon footprints before and after these.

Emily Woods - Class of 2013

During her first year at Vanderbilt, Emily was involved in an array of organizations on campus. She was challenged and inspired through her experiences volunteering with the American Red Cross, teaching nutrition classes through the Siloam Healthcare Center, mentoring a senior girl for the ACT/SAT tests with Vanderbilt Students to Students, and participating in other service opportunities.


Chandler Anthony - Class of 2012

Compassion-driven action is what matters most to Chandler, empathizing and embracing those suffering all the while acting strategically to help those in need.  Chandler aims to listen to the community, strategize with the community, implement with the community, and continually adapt and innovate.

Hanna Chapman - Class of 2012

Success is easily defined in a few words. Merriam-Webster defines success as “the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence.” Most undergraduate students would agree with this definition and when asked twenty years from now how they would deem their lives successful the reply would mention a well-paying job, a nice house, a nice car... Significance, however, is not so easily defined.

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