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Catherine Brown - Class of 2015

Gandhi once said, “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their missions can alter the course of history.”  Catherine takes this quote to heart and truly believes that a group of people engaged in small acts of meaningful service can affect lasting change in a community. 

Emma Catlett - Class of 2015

Not yet in the Ingram Scholarship Program, Emma came to Vanderbilt eager to learn about refugees in Nashville and the organizations serving them. She began volunteering as an administrative assistant and occasional interpreter at Siloam Family Health Center, a health center for the uninsured in Nashville. She also began tutoring through Nations Academy, a program that gives academic and personal support to 20 middle school students, all children of refugees. Emma spent many hours a week at both Nations Academy and Siloam Family Health Center, learning about the challenges and strengths of refugees. She became increasingly involved in Nations Ministry Center, serving in the offices and taking a leadership role in the tutoring program and recruiting volunteers. Emma was accepted to the Ingram Scholarship Program in the spring of her freshman year.

Jordan Clark - Class of 2015

During his 3 years at Vanderbilt, Jordan Clark has volunteered in the Nashville community in a variety of capacities that include serving as an English language instructor, tutoring through a Spanish service-learning class, organizing an after-school enrichment program, and most recently, coordinating a community-based health research project and advocating for inclusive immigration reform. 

Joshua Everett - Class of 2015

“I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I'm a human being, first and foremost, and as such I'm for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.”  Joshua Everett tries to live by this utterance of the revolutionary Malcolm X. From a young age, he's been interested in social justice. Coming from an area that's seen marches, church bombings, and Klan violence, Everett has always been fascinated with the process of social change. While that interest budded here and there in his early life, it was cultivated on Vanderbilt's campus.

Morgan Evertz - Class of 2015

Throughout her life, Morgan has always been involved in a variety of activities. Though she has been serving her community from a young age, her true passion for service was sparked through a personal experience. Through a series of unexpected events, Morgan was diagnosed a severe autoimmune disease. Rather than letting this overcome her, she used her experience to create a nonprofit organization to reach out to others who were experiencing this disease as well. Morgan was also very involved at her local hospital. As Vice President of the Hoag Hospital Auxiliary Board of Volunteers her junior year, and Director of the Cancer Center Volunteers her senior year, Morgan was responsible for managing and organizing the operation of the Junior Auxiliary Program. Morgan truly values her experience, seeing people that were facing death in the near future remain happy and positive was an extremely humbling experience.

Daniel Feuer - Class of 2015

Daniel’s freshman year at Vanderbilt was spent getting adjusted to the nuances of College life. As he explored many areas of study including medicine, economics and the arts his passions for business and medicine began to solidify.

Julian Hinds - Class of 2015

When asked what mark he wanted to leave on Vanderbilt when he graduates Julian replied, “I have no interest in leaving my mark on Vanderbilt.” Instead of looking to leave a mark, Julian set goals of building meaningful, reciprocal relationships with his peers and finding ways to merge his career and service interests. The Ingram Scholarship Program has played a key role in fostering the execution of these goals.

Alex Leddin - Class of 2015

Alexandra’s passion for working with children began in high school and has continued to grow during her time in the Ingram Scholarship Program. Over the course of her first year at Vanderbilt University Alexandra became involved in many activities centered on helping young children through her involvement in several charitable groups in Nashville. She spent much of her time at Susan Gray School and working with Nashville Mobile Market (NMM) and Habitat for Humanity. In all of these organizations, Alexandra was given the opportunity to help grow an organization and better understand the workings of non-profits.

Andrew Legan - Class of 2015

Andrew is interested in the reconciliation of environmental justice and social justice. He is motivated by the possibility of using his position in research to support biological conservation and to serve as an advocate for marginalized communities—low-wage agricultural workers in particular.

Will McCollum - Class of 2015

Will began his service-learning career at Vanderbilt by applying for and being selected as the service commissioner in his dorm on the Commons. Through this position he became engaged in developing an educational program at Carter Lawrence Elementary School in the nearby Edgehill neighborhood. He recruited over forty students in his dorm to assist with science demonstrations at the school on a weekly basis. 

Patrick McGee - Class of 2015

After his freshman year, Patrick spent the summer in Brussels as an intern for The EastWest Institute, a not-for-profit “think and do” tank. His work mainly focused on the planning of the 9th Worldwide Security Conference: Reshaping Economic Security in Southwest Asia and the Middle East.

Ryan McKenney - Class of 2015

A lifelong volunteer thanks to his mother’s passion for volunteering in Memphis nursing homes and schools, Ryan has always been conscious of the need to serve his community. He got his start volunteering with United Cerebral Palsy, De La Salle Elementary School, and Ave Maria Nursing home throughout grade school and high school, and learned that service is never a chore, but rather an imperative and characteristic part of a life led by compassion and empathy. Ryan came to Vanderbilt with the hope of continuing his service to children, to those with disabilities, and to the elderly.

Mac Muir - Class of 2015

Mac has worked with Will McCollum on hunger issues in the Nashville area. His freshman year, he hosted a food drive to collect 1,600 pounds of food donated by Vanderbilt Students.

Nell Potter - Class of 2015

Building on her experiences from high school, much of Nell’s freshman year was spent working with education nonprofits, and though she has explored volunteering in other realms, she always finds herself returning to schools. Nell has volunteered at The Martha O’Bryan Center and Fannie Battle in East Nashville for much of the past three years.

Ryan Selvaggio - Class of 2015

Throughout his freshman year at Vanderbilt, Ryan tried to find his niche and his passion through various service endeavors that focused on three main spheres: education, homelessness, and campus outreach. On the topic of education, Ryan spent a lot of his time tutoring a second grader in reading all year at a nearby school through Pencil Projects and also teaching science classes to local 8th grade and 5th grade classes through Vanderbilt Students Volunteering for Science (VSVS).

Alexis Simpson - Class of 2015

The proverb “To whom much is given, much is required” was instilled in Alexis from a young age and she found her passion for service in high school. Alexis was the President and charter member of the Dale City- Prince William County Chapter of Top Teens of America (TTA).  She implemented programs that served the youth and seniors in Prince William County including promoting literacy to youth, aiding senior citizens, collecting food and clothing items for the homeless and battered women’s shelters, beautifying the community, and mentoring youth.

Caroline Walker - Class of 2015

“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.”  Mother Teresa’s words constantly resonate with Caroline and affirm the perspective on life she has developed through service.

Kevin Wolf - Class of 2015

When he came to Vanderbilt as a first-year, Kevin hoped to continue his interests from high school, namely mentoring inner city children and serving the homeless. During his first year at Vanderbilt, Kevin became involved in a variety of service-based organizations at Vanderbilt, finally focusing his time, energy, and attention on the on-campus chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters as well as the Vanderbilt Grassroots organization. Though he had positive experiences exploring different service opportunities, Kevin’s passions continue to focus on improving the lives of underprivileged children and the local homeless population.


Newton Adkins - Class of 2014

A native Nashvillian, Newton became interested in education equity as a youth organizing intern at Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC). In partnership with Latino, Kurdish, and Somalian high school and college students, Newton developed and facilitated youth-led groups that focused on multi-ethnic inclusion and youth empowerment.

Kelsey Hagen - Class of 2014


Rob Higham - Class of 2014

Rob Higham is a Senior in the College of Arts and Science where he is majoring in Public Policy with a concentration in Education Policy. Rob is very interested in school choice and charter schools, and he finds Nashville to be a very fascinating place to see many current education reforms.

Maysa Kaskas - Class of 2014

Maysa's motivation for service stems from her love of working with people and her interest in perspectives, and her service record reflects this passion and commitment. Before arriving at Vanderbilt, she tried to engage in as many service opportunities and realms as possible, eager to make a difference and learn more about how the world works.

Lisa Koenig - Class of 2014

Before coming to Vanderbilt, Lisa was involved in a wide variety of service groups and projects. Her greatest commitment was to The Thai Your Shoes Foundation, a fundraising organization she started to support an orphanage near her father’s home in Pattaya, Thailand.

Shilpa Mokshagundam - Class of 2014

Shilpa's interests in public health and the special needs population flourished after a touching encounter at Hazelwood Rehabilitation Center, a government facility for individuals with profound intellectual disabilities. At this time, Shilpa began to see the hidden beauty and talents of people with disabilities and was inspired to become a special needs advocate and help integrate these capable individuals into society.

Whitley OConnor - Class of 2014

Whitley found his passion for service and action during his junior year of high school after reading the story behind Falling Whistles, an organization dedicated to ending the war in Congo. During the next two years, he explored his philanthropic interests by working with a variety of nonprofits and accumulating over 600 hours of community service.

Anuj Patwardhan - Class of 2014

Anuj is fortunate to have had opportunities to explore his passions and serve his community in several ways since coming to Vanderbilt and throughout high school. During his freshman and sophomore years, he worked with the Nashville Mobile Market, a startup social entrepreneurship aimed at providing a sustainable source of healthy foods in limited access areas, and with Vanderbilt’s Microfinance Club, partnering with area high schools to mentor a class on social entrepreneurship.

David Sanchez - Class of 2014

David arrived at Vanderbilt intent on pursuing a career in the sciences but soon shifted his focus to Film Studies. Small-scale video production had been a hobby in high school and David imagined a career in Hollywood.

Jade Wilkerson - Class of 2014

Through the course of her freshman year, Jade continued many of the service activities she was involved with throughout high school, including tutoring elementary school students with the Preston-Taylor Ministries after-school enrichment program and mentoring girls from her high school, Martin Luther King, Jr. Magnet, with Vanderbilt’s L.I.F.E. Project mentor organization. Additionally, she served as an academic tutor for In Full Motion, a nonprofit designed to improve the ACT scores of underprivileged Nashville students and prepare them for college.


Elin Bunch - Class of 2013

While at Vanderbilt, Elin pursued her passion for education and youth empowerment through academics and service. Elin enjoyed tutoring in many Nashville public schools throughout her time at Vanderbilt, and gained valuable insight into the interconnectedness of community and education.

Drew Cornhaghie - Class of 2013

As a first-semester freshman at Vanderbilt, Drew was able to pursue many service endeavors in the Nashville community. Thanks to the incredible opportunities afforded to him by the Ingram Scholarship, Drew could continue his high school passion of helping to provide educational opportunities for challenged children.

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