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Alumni Board

Alumni Board

The Ingram Scholarship Program Alumni Board was established in April 2007 to:

  • strengthen connections among all Ingram Scholars, current and alumni, to foster professional growth and mentorship opportunities
  • reinforce the maturity and development of Ingram Scholars' service activities, personal citizenship and professional goals
  • support the efforts of the Ingram Scholarship Program staff to sustain the mission, values and integrity of the Program.

Your current Alumni Board members are:

  • Kate (Randall) Danella - Class of 2001
  • Ellidia Guan - Class of 2013
  • Lisa (Koenig) Ladd- Class of 2014
  • Madeline Myers - Class of 2011
  • Rohit Sahni - Class of 2001
  • Michelle Spada - Class of 2012


Vanderbilt Ingram Scholarship Alumni Association bylaws



Community Relations: The Ingram Alumni Board Community Relations Committee is dedicated to supporting mutually beneficial professional and community service relationships between Ingram Scholar alumni as well as between current Ingram Scholars and alumni Ingram Scholars. The Committee provides resources to help alumni and current students to connect and network, such as through the Ingram Alumni Portal, the VISAA Mentorship Program, and other social events. Current committee members: Lindsey Smith, Jessie Bullock, Kate Randall Danela, Erin O'Neil Ashby

Special Events: The Ingram Alumni Board Special Events Committee develops programs and events to foster relationship between alumni and current students, other alumni and program staff. Events coordinated and/or planned by the Special Events Committee include the Ingram Scholars Reunion, mini-reunions in cities across the United States and any other event designed to promote interactions amongst Ingram alumni and scholars. 

Current committee members: Lindsey Markus, Andrew Preston, Erin Wolfson, Jennifer Hirsch