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Current Scholars

Elanil Erdugrul

Class of: 2026
Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey
School: College of Arts and Science
Major(s): Neuroscience; Human and Organizational Development

Since she was a little girl, Elanil has been utilizing her skillset and resources to meet the needs of her community. Throughout her high school years, Elanil volunteered for numerous community involvement projects across Turkey, served as a board member of her high school’s Community Involvement Office, and created a website for housewives to sell their products. In 2021, Elanil co-created and led a project called “Great Horizons,” aiming to empower girls through STEM and reinforce STEM education during the pandemic. By identifying urgent problems in the system and coming up with innovative solutions, Elanil continues to challenge the status quo and inspire action.

As an incoming Ingram scholar, Elanil aims to combine her knowledge of natural sciences with her passion for entrepreneurship to create equal opportunities for her community. By taking sustainable and concrete actions against fundamental social issues, Elanil wants to ensure equality in education, healthcare, and the justice system. Every day, Elanil asks herself, “What is my responsibility to my community?” and works towards achieving the greater good.