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Current Scholars

Tanya Das

Class of: 2026
Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD
School: College of Arts and Science
Major(s): Economics
Minors(s): Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Tanya aspires to utilize her extensive STEM knowledge to pursue environmental policy. Tanya is most passionate about the environment and educational equity. She incorporated a nonprofit, Motion for the Ocean, to raise environmental awareness through school assemblies, movie showings, petitions, lobbying, and underwater robotics workshops. Tanya hopes her little drops of action will create a ripple, spreading into a wave of change. By cascading her skills, knowledge, and experiences to empower youth leaders who can then empower more youth, Tanya hopes to cause a tsunami of change, catalyzing transformation in society.

Tanya was fortunate to receive outstanding academic resources, having attended Phillips Exeter Academy, and hopes to make the experiences and opportunities she has seized accessible to everyone. Tanya loves music and art and enjoys giving back through her many interests, whether partaking in music concerts to raise money for lung cancer or drawing pen-and-ink holiday cards to fundraise for lymphoma as a way to cope with her grandfather’s passing.

Tanya’s plans to study law have taken shape from her exposure to social issues close to her heart. She looks forward to exploring more avenues for social impact at Vanderbilt and is excited to be part of the Nashville community!