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Current Scholars

Shrey Chande

Class of: 2026
Hometown: Harrisburg, NC
School: College of Arts & Science
Major(s): Economics and Computer Science
Minors(s): Business

Born and raised in Harrisburg, NC, Shrey serves for the core reason that he believes in making a better world for everyone. He believes that better outcomes for people globally stem primarily from educating the general public on relevant topics and empowering those who are historically underserved by acting as an amplifier for their voices. For these reasons, he was a founding member of nonprofit organizations Framework4Future and HMCF. Shrey has organized numerous events and drives to benefit communities locally and abroad. In serving his community, Shrey has found that the most underutilized technique to create change is to listen to those who most need help.

At Vanderbilt and as an Ingram Scholar, Shrey aims to listen to communities with unheard voices. He believes there is change that needs to be affected for groups and causes few have cared to discern. He aims to integrate his love for finance and computers into creating technologies for those historically underserved by financial institutions to improve quality of life for all. Shrey hopes that the experiences he will encounter in his time as an Ingram scholar will help him be a more effective leader and a better human.