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Current Scholars

Grace Jones

Class of: 2025
Hometown: Irvine, California
School: College of Arts and Science
Major(s): Chemistry and Mathematics
Minors(s): Business and Spanish

Growing up rehabilitating neglected dogs, Grace learned from a young age that service is not an action but rather a perspective on life. She views her purpose as extending far beyond herself as a steward of the resources she has been blessed with, including a responsibility to invest all she can in those around her. Whether hosting free dog-training workshops, leading hundreds of students during global crises, or creating programs for local foster youth, Grace is driven to spark change in her local and global community.

During her first year as an Ingram Scholar, Grace partnered with Preston Taylor Ministries to build a weekly chapel curriculum and mentor elementary and middle schoolers in at-risk North Nashville communities. Because of the impact that mentors have had on her life, Grace loves the opportunity to cultivate confidence in younger students. She also serves alongside the Next Steps Program, where she is dedicated to building lifelong relationships with students with intellectual disabilities while providing support in career development, mental health resources, and increased involvement on campus.

Grace is incredibly grateful for Ingram Scholars Program and the Scholars community who continually inspire her as she strives to live a life grounded on a mission far beyond herself.