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Current Scholars

Rushikesh Manche

Class of: 2025
Hometown: Bridgewater, New Jersey
School: School of Engineering
Major(s): Computer Science
Minors(s): Business

As an aspiring social entrepreneur, Rushi has dedicated much of his academic career to rethinking the way that service is done. By harnessing the power of technology, Rushi has prioritized creating innovative solutions to the woes that disadvantaged communities face. In his first year at Ingram, Rushi partnered with Change++ and CreditDo, a nonprofit organization that aims to equip young students with the financial knowledge to escape the cycle of poverty, to develop an iOS app to help students save up for their college educations. By facilitating “Smarter Barters”, acts of service in local communities that are rewarded with cash endorsements, Rushi was able to create an ecosystem where teenagers could give back to their neighborhood, earn scholarship money, and manage their finances. His work is slated to be launched in the NYC public school system this upcoming fall. His approach to service is one that deeply resonates with the Ingram methodology as he worked directly with the nonprofit, learned what their communities needed the most, and then used cutting-edge technology to develop a sustainable and zero-cost solution to the team. He is extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue his service for the next three years through Ingram.