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Current Scholars

Rushikesh Manche

Class of: 2025
Hometown: Bridgewater, New Jersey
School: School of Engineering
Major(s): Computer Science
Minors(s): Business

As a child, Rushi grew up with few resources and served as a first-hand witness to the inequalities that millions face in America. As he grew up, he used these experiences to drive his passion for sustainable and equitable social reform. Realizing that educational inequality was a primary catalyst for the cycle of poverty, Rushi set out to launch his own startup, Ensemble Education, which aimed to use artificial intelligence to provide personalized test preparation resources to underprivileged students in over 53 schools across the country. As the lead developer and CEO of a budding venture, Rushi prioritized long-term solvency by establishing partnerships with school districts that will benefit their at-risk students for generations to come. 

Rushi also made great strides to combat food insecurity and homelessness in his hometown. As the president of his school’s homeless shelter club, Rushi worked with his team to donate over 17,400 food items and raised over $3,000 for local soup kitchens and shelters. His team also launched a web app that connected homeless shelters to volunteer groups by sending text messages whenever there was a shortage of a specific necessity. With the support of the international Diamond Challenge competition, Rushi furthered this concept by developing another app that directed leftover resources from restaurants to nearby soup kitchens. He hopes to implement these platforms in the Nashville area and conquer America’s notorious food wastage issue. 

At Vanderbilt, Rushi will continue his passion for social entrepreneurship through his computer science and business studies. Rushi is extremely thankful for the Ingram community and cannot wait to leverage its resources to pioneer a brighter future powered by technology.