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Current Scholars

Hannah Testa

Class of: 2025
Hometown: Cumming, Georgia
School: College of Arts and Science
Major(s): Environmental Sociology and Public Policy

Hannah has always been passionate about the planet. Her earliest memories are spending time outdoors and tending to her familys garden. By the age of 10, she learned that animals who roamed the Earth for millions of years could go extinct during her lifetime. She wanted to become a voice for the voiceless, including rhinos, elephants, horses, bears, dolphins, chimps, and orcas. Through her love of animals, Hannah learned that plastic pollution is threatening marine life. Hannah realized that her voice could foster change and inspire others. Her passion led to her taking action by starting a nonprofit organization. Hannah4Change is focused on educating, advocating, and collaborating on issues that impact the planet.  


Since then, Hannah has delivered presentations to over 30,000 children and adults across the world, including businesses and governments, on how to reduce their plastic footprint. She created and spearheaded Plastic Pollution Awareness Day in 2017 and 2018, the first event of its kind, as seen on national TV and by 300,000 viewers of the local news in her state. Hannah also influenced Fulton County, GA to pass a bill in 2019 to eliminate single-use plastics from government properties. In 2020, Hannah was part of a handful of advocates that introduced the federal bill, Break Free from Plastic Pollution Act.  


At Vanderbilt, Hannah will further her passion and love for service, sustainability, and conservation by studying Environmental Sociology and Public Policy. She is honored to be involved with the Ingram community and serve alongside scholars to benefit the Nashville community and beyond.