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Current Scholars

Hannah Testa

Class of: 2025
Hometown: Cumming, Georgia
School: College of Arts and Science
Major(s): Public Policy and Environmental Sociology

Hannah Testa, Founder of Hannah4Change, has been an environmental activist for most of her life. She is passionate about issues that affect our planet, and she has been using her influence since a young age to educate others, as she believes that knowledge is power. Hannah has presented to thousands of adults and children across the world - as well as big businesses and local, state, and international government officials - on plastic pollution and practical ways residents can reduce their plastic footprint. Through a combination of speaking engagements, articles, social media, videos, partnerships, alliances, and campaigns, Hannah encourages everyone to take action. She is driven to serve because she wants to live in a world that doesn’t need protection and is safe enough that her brother and future generations do not have to fight for their rights on this planet. Within the Ingram Scholars Program at Vanderbilt University, she has continued her work by serving with Friends or Radnor Lake and Turnip Green Creative Reuse to expand their environmental education efforts and support their mission to protect the planet through awareness.