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Current Scholars

Max Adams

Class of: 2024
Hometown: Barrington Hills, Illinois
School: College of Arts and Science
Major(s): Political Science
Minors(s): Business

Max grew up in Barrington Hills, Illinois, where he was first introduced to beekeeping through a family friend who kept several backyard hives. His interest was fueled by his growing understanding that over 33% of our food supply depends upon pollinators and that the bee population is declining at an alarming rate. Concerned about the potential impact of this crisis, Max founded Saturdays are For the Bees, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating awareness and engagement regarding the bee crisis.

At Vanderbilt, Max is working to combine his interest in conservation with his interest in policy to identify opportunities to deliver broader impact. Max spent the summer of 2022 immersed in his Ingram Scholars Program summer project, where he partnered with the BELL Garden in Nashville to install beehives in the garden. His objective is that the hives will increase the quantity of fresh produce that the garden provides to the food insecure population in Nashville. Max also focused on providing beekeeping education through the delivery of a month-long beekeeping curriculum. In his classes, he instructed community members on the installation and maintenance of beehives, as well as on the importance of honeybees in our ecosystem.