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Current Scholars

Alyssa Champagne

Class of: 2023
Hometown: Gatlinburg, Tennessee
School: Peabody College of Education and Human Development
Major(s): Human Organizational Development

Vanderbilt University and the Ingram Scholars Program uniquely align with Alyssa’s desire to put others before herself. As a resident of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, her dedication, perseverance, and compassion to her community is unwavering. Alyssa has been blessed to live a life of academic achievement and athletic accomplishments, but her passion is for people, public speaking, and purpose. Alyssa’s commitment to service has been recognized by the Tennessee House of Representatives as well as United States Senator Lamar Alexander.

As an Ingram Scholar, Alyssa has partnered with Next Steps at Vanderbilt, a four-year inclusive higher education program committed to serving students with intellectual disabilities, providing an inclusive, transformational postsecondary education experience. Additionally, she serves her Vanderbilt community as an AmbassaDore tour guide. Alyssa passionately holds leadership positions in numerous other organizations across campus and finds joy in serving her Vanderbilt community.

Alyssa attributes her service motivation and beliefs to her family and her close-knit community of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Her experiences as an Ingram Scholar are invaluable and continuously provide opportunities to combine a professional career with a commitment to service. Alyssa plans to attend law school after graduation and become an advocate for others.