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Search and rescue dogs fill valuable role

Dogs experience the world through their noses. With an average of 200 million scent receptors (compared to a 5 million in humans), dogs can pick up a scent from a mere handshake and follow trails that are years old.

Big love

Walk into Scott Hoffman, M.D.’s office, and it’s clear you are in the domain of a dog lover. There are photographs of dogs framed and displayed on shelves, and hanging on the wall. There is other dog artwork: some drawings, a woodcarving, even a dog’s image rendered in copper. Hoffman has known the heights of…

A personal history of House Organ

The first issue of House Organ came out in January 1982. This issue is the December 2011–January 2012 issue. House Organ is 30. A lot has changed around VUMC since 1982. At that time, there was no Preston Building, no Robinson Building, no Eskind Biomedical Library, no Frist Building at the School of Nursing, no Medical…

House Organ Photography Contest Winners 2012

The House Organ Photography Contest is a Vanderbilt tradition, having been held every year since 1982. This year, more than 1,000 entries from Vanderbilt staff, faculty, students and volunteers were received, and Division of Public Affairs photography staff judged the entries, resulting in the extraordinary 12 images you see in the 2012 House Organ Calendar….

Purchase of tags, cookies, more support Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt

The annual Friends of Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt’s Holiday Project is under way. A variety of cards (including photo cards), gift tags and wrapping paper, all designed by young patients and their siblings, are for sale. Other holiday gifts for sale include Christie Cookie tins, winter decaf coffee, and holiday java coffee….

Fact into fiction: House Organ story vs. Grey’s Anatomy story

The writer of the April 2011 story on an innovative spine surgery that saved patient Judy Kerns’ life comments on the TV fictionalization of those events

The Hall-of-Famer at Children’s Hospital

Dottie Rager works in the executive suite at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. But she’s done pretty well with the music, too.

Nephrology fellow donates kidney to father

Career plans take a turn for the personal

Lessons learned at the pool carry over into medical career

In college, Ashley Rowatt Karpinos, M.D., was an elite athlete, one of the best NCAA swimmers in the country. She says the dedication and work ethic she brought to the pool continues to serve her as she seeks an unorthodox combination of specialties in her medical career. Sure, the uniforms are different—a swimsuit, cap and…

In his own terms

Last winter, terminally ill with cancer, homeless and unable to speak, 47-year-old Ken Goslin was moving quickly toward an end of life that could have been painful and lonely. But it didn’t turn out that way. Efforts by a team at VUMC, at first acting in their official capacities and later as Goslin’s friends, changed…