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Loan Consolidation

Federal Consolidation Loans allow the borrower to combine all federal student loans into a single loan and extend repayment for up to 25 years.

Federal Consolidation Loans have one fixed-interest rate based on a weighted average of the current rates on your existing loans.

Borrowers must be in repayment to qualify.

Borrowers who are delinquent or in default must meet certain requirements before they may consolidate their loans.

Parent PLUS Loans are eligible for consolidation once they are fully disbursed. 

To initiate the process, please proceed to the Department of Education’s website,, to complete the Federal Consolidation Loan Application and Promissory Note.

Private Loans are not part of the federal loan consolidation program.  Any loan consolidation option available for a private loan will vary by program and lender. 

There are some lenders offering consolidation options for private loans.  This consolidation combines your existing private loans into one loan.  Variable and fixed interest rates are available to those who qualify.