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Student Prizes, Awards, & Undergraduate Stipends

Department: Submit your request via the form in the link below.

Student Prize/Award & UG Stipend Request Form

When to use the Student Prize/Award & UG Stipend Request Form

  • To pay a prize/award to any Vanderbilt student (Graduate, Professional or Undergraduate).
  • To pay a service-free stipend to an Undergraduate student.
  • If the individual earned the award after graduating, they are no longer a student and any payment to that individual would go through Purchasing & Payment Services or Vanderbilt HR Payroll.
  • If the student is receiving an award for a summer term, has not graduated but is not enrolled in a summer term, the form must be used as the student is still considered a student.
  • Do NOT use this form to request a reimbursement for a Vanderbilt student. Payment to that individual would go through Purchasing & Payment Services.

Information for the Department to Share with Student

  • The payment will post to the student's Vanderbilt account.
  • The payment will be applied to the student's balance due (if any).
  • If the payment results in a credit balance the student will receive a refund.
  • Your student should set up direct deposit via their YES portal. Otherwise a paper check will be mailed to their address on file.
  • The payment is considered financial aid and may affect the student's eligibility for other financial aid. As a result, they may not receive the full financial benefit from their prize, award, or stipend. These situations are rare as OSFA will maximize their eligibility according to federal and institutional polices. If OSFA is not able to award the full amount to the student, we will reach out to the department.
  • Please contact the OSFA ( if you have questions about how the award will impact your student's current financial aid.

If you have further questions contact the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships