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Undergraduate Financial Aid Offer Guide

It is important for you to read the information contained in this guide. It is designed to help you understand the financial aid resources available to you and or a parent to help meet educational expenses.  Our office will communicate with you through your official email account. Please promptly respond to all requests from our office to avoid delays in fund disbursement.

Your Financial Aid Offer

You may view your financial aid offer through YES (for returning students) or MyAppVU (for incoming freshman and transfer students)  The Financial Aid link displays your financial aid offer, cost of attendance, your checklist(s), and anticipated aid disbursements.

  • If you wish to reduce or decline any financial aid listed please email Financial Aid indicating the aid to cancel or the revised amount you would like to retain.
  • Student employment opportunities are available through Federal Work Study and Vanderbilt's Institutional Employment Program. Visit the Student Employment website for more information on requirements and finding a job. 
  • Reconsideration of your need-based financial aid eligibility can be given under certain circumstances. Please refer to the detailed information and examples sheet
  • Report any other financial aid not included in YES.  Complete the Outside Resources and Scholarship form and return it to our office. Instructions on how to remit those payments to Vanderbilt are included on that form. Need-based aid may be reduced as a result of outside aid received.
  • Your financial aid may be reduced if your semester enrollment changes (you enroll less than full-time or drop credit hours during the term).  If a reduction of financial aid is necessary due to part-time status or totally withdrawing from the university the award revisions will be in accordance to relevant program requirements.
  • The Office of Student Accounts issues electronic bills and receives all payments.
  • Upon acceptance of the terms and conditions stated in the electronic Student Account Agreement form (required), you are authorizing the crediting of all federal Title IV funds to your student account for both direct and discretionary charges. These charges include, but are not limited to direct costs (tuition and fees) and discretionary charges (health insurance, parking fee, fines, etc.). If you choose to not have federal funds applied toward discretionary charges, please contact the Office of Student Accounts to update your authorization.
  • You must reapply for financial aid every year by submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the College Board CSS Profile, if applicable.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards  must be met to maintain financial aid eligibility.
  • Additional Consumer Information is available.

FInancial Aid Offer Acknowledgment

When funds credit to your student account, this certifies that you understand and will comply with the requirements and conditions described in this guide, on loan promissory notes, and provided on the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarship website.


Please review your Checklist(s) located in YES or MyAppVU in the Financial Aid link. Submit all required documentation. Financial aid offered should be considered tentative and will not credit to your student account until all documentation has been received and reviewed by our office.

If you have been offered financial assistance based upon demonstrated financial need, we must verify the accuracy of the information you submitted on your FAFSA and CSS Profile applications.

Make sure to send all requested documents. You can do this by using the online form you'll find on your Financial Aid checklist. This checklist will guide you through the submission process, ensuring that all your documents are correctly sent and received. Do not send tax returns to our office.

Additional documents may be requested by our office to verify certain information. Financial aid counselors are available to answer questions regarding your financial aid offer or to discuss unusual circumstances that may impact your financial need. For further information on what may be considered as unusual circumstances view the information and examples provided.

Additional Resources

If you are receiving additional financial aid not listed in YES (outside scholarships, veteran’s benefits, Vocational Rehabilitation, etc.) please complete the Outside Resources and Scholarship form and return it to our office. Your aid may change because of the additional assistance. You will receive an email notification as a result. Please note that whenever you receive additional assistance, your aid awards may be adjusted or reduced, even if your financial aid has already been disbursed.

Enrollment Requirements

We assume you will enroll full-time and therefore your financial aid is offered based on that assumption. If you enroll or drop below full-time status in any semester a reduction of aid may be necessary. If you withdraw from the university your financial aid may be refunded to the appropriate program. The award revisions will be in accordance to relevant financial aid program policies and regulations. You must be enrolled at least half-time in classes that count for your degree to be eligible for some financial aid resources. 

Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards

To remain eligible for financial aid you must meet financial aid  Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards. These standards address enrollment and academic deficits from incomplete courses, repeated courses and withdrawal from classes and the impact on future financial aid eligibility. We encourage you to read the policy and learn the SAP terminology.

The Office of Financial Aid monitors enrollment levels and SAP each term. If you are considering dropping a course, it is important to discuss your situation fully with your financial aid counselor prior to doing so. If you withdraw from the university during any term that you have received financial aid part or all of your aid may be returned. Please see Withdrawals.