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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect as a REHSS Student?

As a student in the REHSS program, you will be fully immersed in laboratory activities and research under the guidance of a mentor and research team. Students will work a standard 40-hour work week from approximately 9 am to 5 pm each day of the week (Times may vary depending on research lab and experiments). In addition, you will attend weekly workshops run by the REHSS program to supplement your lab education.  Lastly, you will present your research findings in an end-of-summer student research symposium open to the Vanderbilt community.


What are the benefits of the REHSS program?

The REHSS program is a highly selective research opportunity for college-bound students. The program will provide you with an authentic opportunity to see what high-level research looks like at a premier research institution. The program can be useful as you try to narrow down your interests and choose a career trajectory in college. The program also offers you a chance to impress college selection committees with your experience and your dedication to higher learning. Many past REHSS participants have published their research in scientific journals, presented their research at national conferences, and learned a great deal about both themselves and their scientific discipline as a result of participating in the program.


What are the dates of the REHSS Program?

The REHSS program for summer 2021 will run from May 29-July 9, 2021.


Will I be paid for my time in the lab?

No. At this time students are not paid a stipend for the time they work in the lab.


Will room and board be provided?

No. At this time room and board are not provided.


Who do you look for as an applicant?

The REHSS program is focused to provide students with meaningful exposure to authentic STEM research.  Students considered for this program will be those who have achieved excellent grades in math and science, who have demonstrated a commitment to pursuing a career in a STEM field, and who can demonstrate that they have the maturity and interpersonal skills required to work in a professional science laboratory. Students must be at least 16 years of age at the start of the program.


Can international students apply?

At this time we are not accepting international students for the 2021 REHSS program.


What should my teacher/advisor/individual write in my letter of recommendation?

Along with your application, letters of recommendation are opportunities for the recommender to showcase your unique case for admission to the program. No two letters will look the same. Please contact the REHSS program for further guidance.


How will you accept supporting documentation?

We accept supporting documentation through our electronic REDCap application. When proceeding through the REDCap application, you will be prompted to upload documents such as transcripts and resumes. You will also be prompted to provide contact information (name and email) for the individuals providing your letters of recommendation. Each individual will receive an email directly from REHSS ( ) with instructions and unique link to a REDCap form in which to submit the respective documentation.


Can I submit other items outside of the requested materials?



How can I verify that you have received all of my materials? What if they are sent in late?

You should receive an email from the REDCap system once all items of your application packet have been received. If you feel there was a mistake in the application process or did not receive this email, please contact us directly at REHSS. Uploading to our REDCap system will date and time stamp applications, allowing us to verify if the materials were submitted on time. Materials submitted after the deadline will not be considered as part of a completed application.


I exited out of my application to complete it later. I misplaced my login information. What do I do?

Please contact REHSS. We can provide access information once we verify your identity.


How many spots do you offer in the program?

Our program spots are based on the number of participating research labs. As such, the number of positions we can offer each summer varies. Our average group can range from 10 to 20 participants each summer.