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NMR User Info

This section provides specific information a user requires on an ongoing bases.

Access to the schedule and general user information is publicly available, while facility specific information is protected. A user may obtain access to these pages by applying for an account as outlined in the Access section.


Brief Description of Options:

Provides the NMR schedule for all instruments of the High Field NMR Facility at Vanderbilt. The time is scheduled a maximum of 3 weeks in advance.
Request NMR Time:
Add your request into a queue and provide the earliest START time (account name required)
Request Queue:
Shows the current queue per instrument.
Users List:
List of users.

Spectrometer Information:
Hard-, Software information, pulse calibration values for each probe head.
Temperature calibration:
Calculate the temperature setting and chemical shift of H2O for any spectrometer and see the calibration curve.
Data Transfer:
Instructions on how to transfer the data from the spectrometer to your lab computer.
Log/View N2 Fill:
Log your N2 fill.
How do I fill Nitrogen, use nmrPipe, …
Documents that describe facility / NMR relevant topics, Seminar handout’s or class notes.
User Contact Information:
More extended user information with emergency contacts.


General Facility Information:

More information on how to Access the facility, get Training or Support, Publications, Seminars, … can be accessed by the following bullets.


Questions or concerns may be addressed directly to:

Michael P. Stone, Scientific Director or Markus Voehler, Director of Operations