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Titan Krios Cryo-Electron Microscope Fully Operational

Posted by on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 in News.

FSC plot

The CSB Cryo-EM Facility is thrilled to announce that the G4 Titan Krios cryo-TEM, located in the basement of the Engineering and Science Building, is fully operational and accepting biological samples for imaging.

The Titan Krios utilizes levels of automation to collect high-resolution data for single-particle analysis and cryo-electron tomography. Complete with Gatan BioQuantum K3 and Thermo Scientific Falcon 3 direct electron detectors, this high-throughput configuration can produce more than 4,000 images per day, increasing the speed of and accessibility for studying structural information on the molecular level for a variety of subjects, such as viral infection, DNA replication, ion channels, membrane proteins, vesicle trafficking and bacterial toxins.

Slice of the ~2 Å model showing clear density of aromatic rings

The system has met all performance specifications and in a recent test using an ideal biological sample, produced a 3D density map that revealed molecular detail to a resolution less than 2.0 Å.

Contact facility directors Melissa Chambers or Scott Collier for more information. For details on submitting a sample for imaging, please visit the CSB Cryo-EM Facility website.

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