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Reporting Compliance Violations and Concerns

Vanderbilt University Compliance Reporting Hotline

An anonymous, confidential, independently-run hotline is available to report compliance concerns and complaints. Reports can be made online at or by toll-free call to (844) 814-5935 .

Looking for the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Compliance Hotline (Integrity Line)?

Complaints or concerns relating to VUMC, its hospitals, or clinics should be made to the VUMC Integrity Line at or by calling toll-free (866) 783-2287.  You may also contact the VUMC Office of Compliance and Corporate Integrity at (615) 343-7266 or

About the Anonymous Confidential Hotline

Vanderbilt University is committed to the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity in pursuit of its mission of education, research, and public service. Vanderbilt’s Standards of Conduct and other policies provide rules and guidelines for all members of the Vanderbilt University community to ensure that we uphold the highest standards of ethics.

Vanderbilt University is committed to an environment where open, honest communication is the expectation, not the exception. We want you to feel comfortable approaching your supervisor or management in instances where you believe violations of policies or standards have occurred. However, in situations in which you prefer to place an anonymous report, Vanderbilt University maintains a confidential reporting hotline – the Vanderbilt University Compliance Reporting Hotline -- hosted by a third-party hotline provider, EthicsPoint. You are encouraged to submit reports through this hotline to (1) report violations of state or federal laws and regulations, Vanderbilt’s Standards of Conduct, or any other University policies or procedures; (2) ask for guidance related to the Standards of Conduct, or other policies or procedures; and (3) share positive suggestions and feedback.

The information you provide will be sent to us by EthicsPoint on a totally confidential and anonymous basis if you should choose, although you are also welcome to leave your name and contact information. The Vanderbilt representative investigating your report may send you a message via the anonymous EthicsPoint system if additional information is needed in order to thoroughly investigate your report of noncompliance. After you have made a report, EthicsPoint will provide you with a unique code that you can use later to get messages or provide additional information through either the phone or internet reporting systems, while maintaining your anonymity. Your comments will be heard and reports of noncompliance will be investigated.


  1. There is no caller id, and calls cannot be traced.
  2. You may choose to remain anonymous.
  3. It is important to be as specific as possible if you chose to remain anonymous so that your concern can be addressed.

EthicsPoint is NOT a 911 or Emergency Service:
Do not use this site to report events presenting an immediate threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response. If you require emergency assistance, please contact your local authorities.

Questions and concerns also may be directed to:

Nicholas Roberts
University Senior Compliance Investigator
Office of the General Counsel, Enterprise Risk Management
Phone: (615) 343-0508



The following offices can also provide assistance with compliance-related matters: