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Institutional, Financial Aid and Other Consumer Information

Vanderbilt University provides the following information in accordance with the disclosure requirements for institutions participating in federal financial aid programs under Title IV.   The list contains links to the pages containing the actual information or policies or where to obtain the information if it is not available on-line. 

 Financial Aid Information

Contact Information and Student Financial Aid Information

Paper copies of this information may be obtained by writing the Office of Student Financial Aid, 2309 West End Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203-1725 or by calling 615-322-3591 or 800-288-0204. 

Need-Based Assistance for Undergraduate Students 

Federal Student Loan Options for Undergraduate Students

Expanded Aid Program 

Cost of Attendance  

Net Price Calculator 

Loan Exit Counseling 

Financial Aid Office Code of Conduct 

Private Alternative Loan Options 

For information about your Federal loans and grants, visit National Student Loan Data System

Refund Policies


Refunds for Undergraduate Students

Refunds for Graduate and Professional Students

Eligibility for Federal Financial Aid after Drug or Other Criminal Convictions

Complaints Regarding Student Loans

Complaints regarding student loans, including private loans, may be made to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau at  

Complaints may be made to the Department of Education regarding Pell Grants or Federal student loans at

Accreditation Information

Vanderbilt University Accreditation

Complaint and Grievance Procedures – Internal & External 

Licensure and Certification  Disclosures  Institutions are required to make public whether a program will fulfill educational requirements for a specific professional licensure or certification required for employment in an occupation, if the program is designed to or advertised as meeting such requirements. Please visit program websites for details.

Complaint and Grievance Procedures for Students Enrolled in Vanderbilt University Distance Learning Programs Outside the State of Tennessee

Institutional Information 

Institutional information about Vanderbilt University, including accreditation, academic programs, faculty, tuition, and other costs, is available in the catalogs of the colleges and schools on the Vanderbilt University Website at  

Quick Facts about Vanderbilt 

National Center for Education Statistics/College Navigator

Vanderbilt University Data, Including Student and Faculty Factbooks 

Academics at Vanderbilt 

Academic Program/Disciplines and Majors

Office of the University Registrar 

Student Profile Information 

Information about graduation rates for students at Vanderbilt University is available on the Vanderbilt University Website at under "Student Profile" and then under "Retention Rates." Paper copies of information about graduation rates may be obtained by writing the Office of the University Registrar, PMB 407701, 2301 Vanderbilt Place, Nashville, TN 37240-7701 or by calling 615-322-7701. 

The Vanderbilt Profile and Student Body Diversity 

Vanderbilt University Retention/Graduation Rates 

Employment Statistics and Career Center Information

Student Record Privacy and FERPA 

Information about a student’s right to the privacy with respect to educational records and the right to access and review such records under the "Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act" is available in the Student Handbook at Additional information is available from the Office of the University Registrar on the Vanderbilt University Website at Paper copies of this information may be obtained by writing the Office of the University Registrar, PMB 407701, 2301 Vanderbilt Place, Nashville, TN 37240-7701 or by calling 615-322-7701. 

Information on Campus Security Policies, Crime & Fire Statistics 

The Vanderbilt University Annual Security and Fire Safety Report on University-wide security, safety,and fire safety,  including related policies, procedures, and crime and fire statistics is available from the Vanderbilt Police Department on the University Website at: A paper copy of the report may be obtained by writing the Vanderbilt University Police, 2800 Vanderbilt Place, Nashville, TN 37212 or by calling 615-343-9750.

Daily Crime Log

Emergency Preparedness and Planning/Emergency Notifications

Information Regarding Student Accountability Disciplinary Procedures


Sexual Misconduct & Intimate Partner Violence:

Missing Student Notification Policy

Copyright Infringement Policies and Sanctions/Acceptable Use Policy 

Vanderbilt and Federal Copyright Infringement Policies and Sanctions:

Vanderbilt Acceptable Use Policy/Computing Privileges and Responsibilities 

Alcohol and Drug Use Policies and Prevention 

Vanderbilt University Alcohol and Controlled Substances Policies 

University, State, and Federal Sanctions for Alcohol and Controlled Substances Violations

Center for Student Wellbeing

Student Care Network

Transfer of Credit  

For information regarding transfer of credit, please refer to the catalog of the relevant college or school. Information and the forms also may be found on the websites of the college or school. 

Information for Transfer Student Applicants

 Other University Policies 

Vanderbilt Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Statement and Nondiscrimation Policy:;


Immunization Requirements

Undergraduate and Graduate School Catalogs

Student Handbook

 Other Consumer Information 

Appying for Disability Accomodations for Students 

Student Access Services

Applying for Religious Accommodations

Textbook Information

VA Benefits


A copy of the annual "Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act" report on the Vanderbilt University student-athletics program-participation rates and financial-support data may be obtained by writing the Vanderbilt UniversityOffice of Athletics Compliance, 2601 Jess Neely Dr., Nashville, TN 37212 or by calling 615-343-1107. 

Information on Voter Registration 

Information on Gainful Employment/Next Steps at Vanderbilt

Next Steps at Vanderbilt University is a 2-year nonresidential certification program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, providing individualized Programs of Study in the areas of education, social skills, and vocational training. Gainful Employment information regarding this program may be found at: