The Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) is making a Thermo Scientific ArrayScan XTI Infinity Live high-content screening microscope available to the Vanderbilt community. High-content analysis (HCA) technology allows users to collect data for many cellular features simultaneously across entire multiwell plates. In addition to a 7-color LED fluorescence illumination, this highly flexible, fully-automated high-content platform allows the user to choose between widefield and confocal imaging mode, brightfield and fluorescence illumination, and live or fixed-cell experimental setups.

The powerful, highly intuitive software package enables online analysis of entire plates with pre-stablished and fully customizable automated analysis workflows.

New high-content screening clients should submit a brief Project Request in iLab. This will help us understand your analysis needs and provide you with a tailored approach. All users should also submit a plate layout form for every plate they would like to have read and analyzed.

ArrayScan HCS Microscope in Nashville, TN