Center Acknowledgements

If you have used CIT resources for data collection and/or subsequent analysis, please acknowledge the Vanderbilt University Center for Innovative Technology in your publications. These center acknowledgements allow us to demonstrate and track the depth of our research involvement in the scientific community and consequently aids in the procurement of future state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation for our clients.

As a result, please notify the CIT of any manuscripts submitted and/or published that acknowledge the CIT, use of CIT instrumentation or services, or assistance of CIT faculty/personnel.

The minimum acceptable acknowledgement should read:

“This work was supported in part using the resources of the Center for Innovative Technology at Vanderbilt University.”


It is our expectation that shared resource core personnel having made substantial intellectual contributions to the research in the form of consultation, experimental design, method development, data analysis, and/or data will be listed as co-authors. For additional details regarding common, accepted authorship practices, please review the ABRF guidelines for authorship on manuscripts.

Please also note that CIT co-authors/personnel must be given the opportunity to review and edit the appropriate sections of a manuscript within a reasonable amount of time prior to submission. This allows us to ensure accuracy of both experimental methods described and data interpretation outlined.

Data Storage

All mass spectrometry data generated and analyzed by CIT staff is backed up monthly and archived regularly. If users perform data analysis on CIT workstations, the users are responsible for backing up their own files.

High-content imaging platforms collect large amounts of data very quickly. We ask that you include your initials in your file naming system. Unless CIT staff acquires the data (or is asked to back up specific data), we do not back up ArrayScan files. Unforeseen events (fires, floods, etc) are possible and we therefore suggest that you bring an external hard drive with you to save a copy of your own data after every imaging run. At a minimum, we ask that you please remove your data on a monthly basis. Our center cannot be held responsible for data left on the ArrayScan microscope workstation. Please note that you may only plug your external drive into the networked workstation computer, and you are prohibited from browsing the Web from any ArrayScan computer.