McLean Research Group Recent News:

Center for Innovative Technology Launches Website

9.27.16  The Center for Innovative Technology is a collaborative analytical facility specializing in a range of cutting edge mass spectrometry and confocal microscopy techniques. For more information regarding our capabilities and how we might be able to integrate our capabilities into your research needs, please visit our website!

New Members Join the Lab in Spring 2016

06.31.16   We have recently welcomed new graduate students into the McLean Group. Don's research will focus on natural product discovery and drug characterization. Rachel will pursue the identification of lipids using multiple fragmentation platforms. Lastly, Berkley aims to characterize the circadian rhythm of cyanobacteria using a metabolomics based approach.

New Member Joins the Lab in Fall 2014

10.31.14   We have recently welcomed a new graduate student into the McLean Group. Tiffany will purse an applications project on polymers .

New Members Join the Lab in Spring 2014

6.12.14   We have recently welcomed a new post doc and three new graduate students into the McLean Group. Dr. Ewa Jurneczko will focus on instrument development and James Dodds, Ray Keller, and James Poland will focus on biological applications of IM-MS.

Kelly and Jay Graduate in Spring 2014

3.11.14   Kelly Hines successfully defended on March 11, 2014. Her Ph.D. dissertation was entitled " Biomolecular Signatures of Disease Via Ion Mobility and Mass Spectrometry Techniques ".

2.4.14   Jay Forsythe successfully defended on February 4, 2014. His Ph.D. dissertation was entitled " Advanced Strategies for Imaging Mass Spectrometry and Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry ".

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Towards Integrated Omics...

Ion mobility-mass spectrometry allows for the simultaneous sampling of multiple biomolecular classes which are typically studied independently by researchers of genomics, proteomics, lipidomics, glycomics, metabolomics, etc.  Learn more…