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Academic Resources

Academic Clubs provide students with the opportunity to study regularly with dedicated peers enrolled in the same course are they work together to master course content.

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Every week, STEM tutoring hours/sessions occur inside the Black Cultural Center (BCC), as well as in Featheringill Hall, Room 136. Students can attend as many sessions as needed in both locations (free of charge). Both locations offer drop-in hours for a variety of STEM courses.

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STEM mentors are available to be matched with up to two interested students for an hour of weekly academic support in a given subject. Mentors and students have the flexibility to schedule their weekly meeting times themselves. Depending on the availability of the Mentor, students may be able to meet more than once per week.

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Do you have a writing assignment due soon? Or simply need help with formulating your thoughts before attempting your writing assignment? If yes, then consider meeting with a writing specialist at the Black Cultural Center!

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FREE Virtual STEM Tutoring

Free *Virtual* Drop-In STEM Tutoring has begun for Fall 2020! All students are welcome.

To get started:

  • Download the Penji Tutoring app or visit
  • Log in with your VU Email
  • Select “Learn” then “Drop-In Tutoring”
  • Meet Virtually with a VU STEM Tutor!

Courses and hours are listed on the image below. We look forward to seeing you there!