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Spring Accolades

In the most recent issue of Vanderbilt Magazine was an article about the undergraduate admissions process [Spring 2007 issue, "Getting In," p. 28]. I read it with interest–as I have a rising high school senior and took a “college road trip” with her earlier in the summer–and have a friend who would like to read the article. I can’t locate my copy. Can I get another copy of the magazine? Thanks for your help.
Dr. Stevel, BA’77n O’Shea, MD’81
Birmingham, Ala.

Your Spring 2007 edition of Vanderbilt Magazine may be the best overall edition I have ever read. Articles covering multiple subjects for the diverse, still scholarly, interests of VU students and graduates were superb. I even benefited with increased knowledge from the article “Wired for Sound” [p. 56] and enjoyed nearly all the other articles. Thank you!
Dr. E. William Ewers, BA’46, MD’48

I would like to request that copies of the Spring 2007 issue be sent to two students who are planning to apply to Vanderbilt. The article on navigating college admissions is wonderful, and I know these two young ladies will receive important information from it as they plan and prepare their college admissions applications.
Sylvia Medina
Salinas, Calif.

Enough with the White Guy Foodies

The story about Vanderbilt grads in the restaurant biz [Spring 2007 issue, "Playing with Food," p. 38] was a good idea, but could you not find a single woman or minority to profile? They’re all white men–not very representative of the university’s alumni or student body, or the industry. Why were most of the restaurants profiled in Nashville? Vandy is not a regional school, and its alumni live everywhere.
Jennifer Tindall Adams, BS’91
Alexandria, Va.

Ford Fizzle

I would suggest that the reason Harold Ford Jr. did not win the Senate election [Spring 2007 issue, The Campus, "Gone in 30 Minutes," p. 13] is that most Tennesseans prefer to have a successful businessman instead of a career politician representing their interests in Washington.
Joseph W. Sloan, MS’58

Women’s Lacrosse Players Overlooked

I enjoy reading your magazine, but wanted to tell you that Vanderbilt also has a women’s lacrosse team who happened to be ranked in the top 20 and made it to the NCAA’s. This is the second time this team has been left out of a Vanderbilt publication. They are an amazing group of coaches and hard-working women, and you omitted them in your Sports Roundup. Women’s lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, and three Southern schools are adding women’s varsity sports to their programs.
Cathy Mundy
Ellicott City, Md.

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Salute to Willie

In your Spring 2007 issue, you recognized a former student athlete, Willie "Hutch" Jones, BS'82, who starred in basketball at Vanderbilt [Sports, "Where Are They Now?," p. 20]. I don't know what made me smile more ... the story of Willie's great works or the old 1981-82 media guide photo of him smiling broadly.

I have attended many Vandy basketball games over the years, including all of those he played at Memorial Gym. One of the most memorable was his home finale. Vandy thrashed Alabama soundly in C.M. Newton's first season at Vanderbilt. I have vivid memories of Willie taking a curtain call to thunderous applause and cheering as he closed out his career at Memorial Gym. I can still see him at the corner of the court with his long arms raised and bright smile beaming. We were all screaming, "Hutch!" "Hutch!" "Hutch!"

I had always admired Willie's play, feeling that he was somewhat overlooked. That year he finally received the recognition he deserved by being named first-team All SEC. That was especially gratifying to me because I wore his number, 22, on my YMCA-league basketball jersey for years. My basketball skills were mediocre, even for the Y league. But when I did manage to "make a play," my teammates would voice their approval by calling me "Hutch." I liked that very much.

It is great to be a Vandy fan because we know that the student athletes we cheer on the field and court will one day make us equally proud as contributing members of the community.

Thanks, Willie, for the memories, thanks for being a credit to the university, and thanks for being a wonderful person.
J. Michael (Mickey) Sullivan BE'71, ME'79

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