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Second Generation

Posted in: Fall 2014, Photo Essay

Vanderbilt business degrees are all in the family for these alumni.

Celebrating Dewey Daane

Posted in: Photo Essay, Summer 2014

Legendary stories abound about Dewey Daane, the Frank K. Houston Professor of Finance at Owen. We use pictures to tell some of them in a salute to Daane.

Leading Groups, Honing Skills

Posted in: Cover, Photo Essay, Summer 2014

Hands-on involvement has always been a hallmark of Owen student groups. See what they were up to this year.

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Posted in: Issue, Photo Essay, Winter 2013

Recent Vanderbilt Owen interns traveled the world to learn the inner workings of management from aeronautics to whiskey.

On Their Own Time

Posted in: Photo Essay, Spring 2013

So what do Owen faculty do outside the classroom? Meet a champion trick water-skier, charcutier, screenwriter, barkeep (and builder) and owner of a multimillion-dollar company.

Postcards from China

Posted in: Fall 2012, Features, Photo Essay

This past April the Executive MBA Class of 2012 traveled to China, where they toured Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau. What follows is a collection of photos and observations that capture their experience.

Beyond Numbers

Posted in: Fall 2010, Photo Essay

Recession or not, there is a constant need for public accountants. Likewise there is a need for graduate-­level accounting programs to fill this demand. Yet, while many of these programs only seek applicants with undergraduate accounting degrees, Vanderbilt’s yearlong Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program takes a decidedly different approach. The high-performing individuals who enroll in [...]

Golden Opportunities

Posted in: Photo Essay, Spring 2010

As much as the Owen School is known for preparing its graduates for business careers around the globe, it may come as a surprise just how many of them work within walking distance of Management Hall. Vanderbilt University employs about 100 Owen alumni in various capacities—from finance to hospital administration to development and alumni relations—and their efforts have helped cement the university’s reputation not only as a leading academic institution, but as a highly regarded employer, too.

New Dynamic

Posted in: Fall 2009, Photo Essay

Like information and technology, marketing is undergoing a continuing revolution. The needs and interests of consumers and corporations are evolving, and the means of informing them about products and services are changing dramatically. Owen has met this revolution with one of its own. The school’s marketing department is essentially a new entity, bridging the gap [...]

The Picture of Health

Posted in: Photo Essay, Spring 2009

According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, roughly 60 percent of Americans think that health care reform is a top priority for the country. While it may not rank as high as the economy in most people’s minds, one could argue that the two are inextricably [...]

Owen Mergers

Posted in: Fall 2008, Photo Essay

If we’re to believe Sigmund Freud, then all that matters is love and work. Certainly everyone endeavors to succeed in both, but far too often one gets in the way of the other. That is, unless you’re like the couples profiled below. Although decades apart, they all have something in common: They have struck a [...]

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