Governing Artificial Intelligence

VPA offers solutions to address the concentration of power in the AI industry through antimonopoly policies and measures to build public sector AI capacity.

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Banks as Public Utilities

VPA's work focuses on modernizing American banking regulation by building on what worked in the past—a public utility approach. 

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Since airline deregulation in the 1970s, the U.S. airline industry has consolidated into an oligopoly, forcing travelers to deal with limited options and poor service while the industry seeks bailouts and public support after major crises. VPA offers ideas for how policymakers can improve air travel.

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Grocery Stores

Food deserts are a problem in both urban and rural communities. Some communities have taken action, creating public, co-op, or nonprofit grocery stores. VPA provides a guide for policymakers to understand the case for public grocery stores and the practicalities—and challenges—in implementing them.

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