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The Vanderbilt Policy Accelerator focuses on cutting-edge topics in political economy and regulation to swiftly bring research, education, and policy proposals from infancy to maturity.


Networks, Platforms, and Utilities

Many pressing challenges in public policy stem from Networks, Platforms, and Utilities (NPUs), including supply chain issues in railroads, airline flight cancellations, broadband internet access, electric grid crashes, the emergence of nonbank money, and anticompetitive practices on tech platforms.

The Project on Networks, Platforms, and Utilities aims to reinvigorate this field of study in law schools, encourage research on the regulation of NPUs, and develop policy proposals to improve NPU governance.


Governing Artificial Intelligence

In a series of new papers, VPA offers solutions to address the concentration of power in the AI industry through antimonopoly policies and measures to build public sector AI capacity. 

New polling from VPA reveals that Americans oppose big tech dominance of AI and support an antimonopoly and public capacity approach to AI.


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