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The possibilities and perils of artificial intelligence have sparked enormous interest in recent months. At VPA, we bring our focus on networks, platforms, and utilities (NPU) law, industrial policy, and public options to bear on the challenges—and opportunities—of artificial intelligence.



Promoting Competition in Federal AI Procurement

As federal agencies take advantage of the latest technology to better serve the public, significant concentration in the AI sector means that government contracts risk further entrenching dominant firms—leading to less competition, innovation, and efficiency in procurement.


In a new paper, VPA offers policy solutions for promoting competition in federal AI procurement, and how to implement them.

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An Antimonopoly Approach to Governing AI

A close look at the AI tech stack reveals that critical layers are likely to be or already are monopolistic or oligopolistic. Authors offer a way forward.

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Policy Brief: Antimonopoly Tools for Regulating AI

VPA offers policymakers antimonopoly tools for regulating AI, including industrial policy, public utility regulations, and a public option for AI.

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Building Public Capacity on Artificial Intelligence

Authors offer two proposals to build public capacity on AI: a new U.S. Artificial Intelligence Service, and a broader U.S. Technology Administration. 

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AI Polling Report

New polling commissioned by VPA reveals that Americans are deeply concerned about the concentration of power in the AI industry and support antimonopoly regulations and building public AI capacity.

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How States Can Keep Big Tech from Dominating AI

Ganesh Sitaraman and Natalie Foster address how policymakers can address concentration in the AI "tech stack" in an oped for Politico.

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It’s Time for the Government to Regulate AI. Here’s How.

Ganesh Sitaraman and Tejas N. Narechania present a classic argument for regulating AI in an oped for Politico.

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The Government Can 'Get It Right' on AI

Ganesh Sitaraman and Ramsay Eyre make the case for building public capacity on AI in an oped in Politico.

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