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Vanderbilt has a preferred partnership with Lyft to offer a flexible transportation option for faculty, staff, and students using ridehail services while conducting official university business. This framework allows the utilization of centralized billing and ensures sponsored travel has parameters guaranteeing a high level of safety and reduced risk while using these services.

Departments can now establish ride parameters for programmatic transportation needs through the Lyft dashboard. Examples of where a department may utilize Lyft for university-sponsored trips:

  • Student programs
  • Event transportation
  • Backup rides when other options are unavailable

Program leaders must attend a training session hosted by VU staff about the Lyft dashboard and ensure compliance with university policies before utilizing the dashboard. Lyft now offers Lyft Pass which will help you tailor all or a portion of the cost of rides and control the usage and cost of the program.

The Lyft Ridehail Partnership is a collaboration of the following university offices:

  • Transportation and Mobility Office (MoveVU)
  • Purchasing and Payment Services
  • Office of General Counsel
  • Risk and Insurance Management
  • Public Safety (Transportation & Parking Services)
  • Information Technology
  • Dean of Students
  • Office of Student Care Coordination

Lyft pass codes for one-off events or non-recurring rides: A unique code to distribute to your participants for rides through their Lyft account. The codes have a set location, time, max redemptions, or dollar value. 

Lyft credits for rides that occur regularly:  Add funds to your participant’s Lyft account. Department provides a list of eligible riders to Lyft who will receive Lyft credits. This way a code does not have to be generated and sent out for every use. Credits can be restricted by date, time, and location. Eligible participants sign up using their email. Credits are typically used for people needing to get to a location or specific area several times a week or monthly.

For more information and training, please email the Office of Transportation and Mobility at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get more information and sign up for my university program?

    To get additional information on account setup or Lyft products, email

  • How much does it cost to create a Lyft program?

    It is free to set up a program, and you are only billed for the actual cost of rides - if no rides take place then you are not charged. There are no minimum fees or upfront payments. You can view the Lyft rate card for your city at this website or you can use the ride estimator tool

  • How are these rides billed?

    Your department is responsible for covering the cost of your Lyft programs, and a PO number is required.

    Rides are billed by Lyft on an offline Net-45 day invoice basis. The program is only charged based on how many times that code was redeemed.

    Payment by One Card is not an option for individual rides. A One Card may be used to pay the Net-45 day invoice. 

  • Do we get discounts on Lyft or free rides?

    No, you will not receive free rides or discounts when you create an account on the Lyft dashboard for your VU program.

  • Can I use Vanderbilt Lyft Ridehail Partnership codes for personal use?

    No. Pass codes, credits and concierge rides created through the Vanderbilt Lyft Ridehail Partnership are only available for official university-related business. 

Key Information

Vanderbilt University programs and schools that conduct University-sponsored business with Lyft under the General Services Agreement executed on January 20, 2021 must adhere to the following guidelines. The information is provided in training materials and instructions for program leaders to ensure compliance with university policies while utilizing the Lyft Business Portal Dashboard. 

  • Lyft program administrators must review the required training before utilizing the Lyft dashboard and creating Lyft passes or concierge rides. 
  • All riders must sign or acknowledge Vanderbilt’s Wavier and Release Form and review the Ridehail Safety Checklist
  • No rides for minors (under 18 years old), without a parent, guardian or caregiver also riding. There are no exceptions to this policy. 

Must be signed/acknowledged by each participant 

A completed Waiver and Release Form must be completed by each rider within your sponsored program. 

  • Acknowledges how to remove all information from Lyft platform
  • Informs users of sharing of personally identifiable information
  • Requires minors (under 18) cannot secure Lyft rides (No Concierge Rides for Minors)
    • Drivers are prohibited from accepting riders under 18 without a parent or guardian
    • Violation of this requirement is a material breach of contract

Each rider receiving Lyft rides sponsored by your program must have this Waiver and Release Form on file. Completed waivers and rider information must be kept on file with your sponsored program.


The Vanderbilt Lyft Ridehail Partnership offers a flexible transportation option for faculty, staff, and students using ridehail services while conducting official university business.

Why change to preferred partner program?

  • Transparency with ridehail expenses
  • Ensure consistent insurance, risk and liability parameters
  • Prompt payment of invoices

Departments can establish ride parameters for programmatic transportation needs through the Lyft Business Portal Dashboard. to create Lyft Passes, Credits and Concierge Rides.

Program Setup

  • Assign a maximum of three program administrators
  • Set up Purchase Order
  • Create program in the Lyft Dashboard

Contact Information

Office of Transportation and Mobility

Purchasing and Payment Services