Getting to Campus


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Ridehail services like Uber and Lyft can be used on campus

The university has designated eight ridehail pick-up and drop-off locations around campus.

Vanderbilt has a preferred partnership with Lyft to offer a flexible transportation option for faculty, staff, and students using ridehail services while conducting official university business. Departments can establish ride parameters for programmatic transportation needs through the Lyft dashboard. Learn more about the Lyft Ridehail Partnership here.

Ridehail pick-up and drop-off locations

There are eight designated ridehail pick-up and drop-off areas on campus. The locations are marked with signage and are available to select in the Uber and Lyft mobile apps. The locations include:

  • E. Bronson Ingram Circle
  • Sarratt Student Center/Rand Hall
  • Kensington Place outside of the Kensington Garage
  • the Engineering and Science Building
  • lot 24 near the Lewis House
  • Blakemore House
  • Crawford House and Hank Ingram House

The locations are marked with signage and are available to select in the Uber and Lyft mobile apps. See map below:

Ridehail Safety Guidelines

Vanderbilt University Public Safety recommends that riders follow these Ridehail Safety Guidelines when using ridehail services.


  • Request ride in a safe location - Request your ride in a safe place such as inside a building or at a VU-designated ridehail pick-up location on campus. Stay inside until you see your ride.
  • Confirm vehicle details - Before getting in, check the vehicle make, model, and license plate. Reference any pictures available in the app.
  • Greet your driver - Ask your driver to confirm their name before entering the vehicle. Make sure the driver confirms your name too.
  • Follow along - Buckle up! Ride in the backseat and watch your route in the app as you move towards your destination.
  • Share your ride - Share your ride and arrival time with friends and family. Some apps allow others to follow your route in real-time.
  • Know your options - Remember: You can stop or leave your trip at any time if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Call for support - If you need assistance, know how to request it through the app or call 911 for emergencies.
  • Exit safely - Check for vehicles, scooters, bikes, and people before exiting curbside.

For safety issues or concerns, please contact VUPS. For non-emergencies, call 615-322-2745. For emergencies, call 911, or from on-campus call 615-421-1911.