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Vanderbilt Life Cycle of the Grant 


Funding Opportunities & Pathways


Proposal Development & Submission


Award Negotiation & Acceptance


Account Setup & Modifications


Award Management


Award Closeout


Grant Process Information

As part of our commitment to providing excellent client support, our website has been designed to follow the life cycle of an Award to Vanderbilt from external entities for Vanderbilt projects and programs.  It is our hope that you will find the resources and tools you need to assist you with administrative requirements and related questions, and we invite you to contact us directly if you need further assistance.

The main stages of the life cycle are identified at the top of our website and are also listed below.  As you visit each page, you’ll notice a “Toolbox” on the left side of the screen that shows you tools that may be helpful based on the stage of the life cycle being reviewed.  


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