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Forms Library

Welcome to the forms resource page, where you will find the forms that you will need for various research administration tasks. The links below provide methods to access and acquire both electronic and print media.  Adobe Reader  is required to open PDF files.  Microsoft Word  is required to open Word documents.

SPA Letterhead (template)Word 
SPA Fact Sheet Webpage
Sample Template Letter of Intent (LOI) PDF

Subrecipient Statement of Collaborative Intent Form (SSCI) **


SSCI Individual Page Downloads

  • Page 1 (Dept Instruction letter)  Page 2 (Subrecipient Instruction Letter)
  • For Subrecipients to complete - FDP members Page 3
  • For Subrecipients to complete - non-FDP members - Page 4
  • For Subrecipients to complete - non-FDP members * includes Supplemental RF doc - Pages 3 & 4
  • Supplemental Research Finance doc (non-FDP subs complete) - ver12/21/21
  • Page 5 (Dept signs - PI or GM) -  Signature page only
  • PAGE 5 CHECKLIST - for educational purposes only
Subrecipient PHS Financial Disclosure & Training form   ( see SSCI, Pg 2, item 3B, to see if required ) Word 

Letter of Intent to Establish a Sponsored Billing Agreement (LOI VU-VUMC ) - OUTGOING

* revised as of 6/8/22 to include UEI number*


NEW SPONSOR REQUEST FORMS - use the PDFs to request the details you need from the New Sponsor

IRB Certification Form ( UPDATED: 4/27/22 )  PDF
IACUC Certification Form ( UPDATED: 4/27/22 )  PDF
Human Subjects Education Certification ( UPDATED: 09/30/2019 ) Word 
IES Progress Report Cover PageWord 
Research Finance site - F&A and Fringe Rates R&R Family Forms link to forms and download  
*New* NIH Other Support Template (Effective 5/25/21) Word 
NIH Other Support ExampleWord 
*New* NIH Non-Fellowship Biosketch Template (Effective 5/25/21)Word 
NIH Non-Fellowship Biosketch ExampleWord 
*New* NIH Fellowship Biosketch Template (Effective 5/25/21)Word 
NIH Predoctoral Fellowship Biosketch ExampleWord 
NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship Biosketch ExampleWord