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CORE Agreements

CORES Labs are shared resources offering a range of services to the research community (both internal at Vanderbilt University) and external, at a cost, for third party users.

  • If a CORES Lab service is being used by a Vanderbilt University User, or a VUMC user, then iLab set up/use is all that is required - no VERA submission or signed agreement will be needed.
  • If a CORES Lab service is being requested for use by a THIRD PARTY (not VU or VUMC), then a VERA submission is required in addition to the iLab set up/use.


How to submit a VERA CORES Request for both a new CORES Agreement and an Amendment to an existing CORES Agreement:

Link to VERA CORES Instructions

CORES Update - Please Read

To find the "Research Core Agreement" and "Core Amendment Coverpage" for an Amendment::