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Vanderbilt's Office of State Government Relations represents Vanderbilt University before the Tennessee General Assembly and state government. 

Vanderbilt's Office of State Government Relations is comprised of driven professionals committed to advancing the interests of the university and medical center. We strive to tell the Vanderbilt story effectively to state officials as we successfully advance our legislative and administrative priorities. Through our proactive engagement, we seek to expand and strengthen partnerships with state and community leaders to positively impact state policy. We work to foster relationships with state policymakers on important issues affecting higher education while serving as Vanderbilt’s voice on legislative and regulatory matters. 

State Government Relations will:

  • Monitor and actively lobby state government on legislative and regulatory issues.
  • Inform and activate the Vanderbilt community to engage state policy officials.
  • Engage and educate state officials on Vanderbilt initiatives and priorities.
  • Host issue-driven public forums.