Federal Relations

Vanderbilt’s Office of Federal Relations advocates on federal legislation, regulations, and policies impacting the university. As a leading research institution, it is vital that Vanderbilt’s voice helps shape national policies.

We engage with the legislative and executive branches to advance Vanderbilt’s interests and collaborate with other universities and associations on key issues. This work is essential to the success of Vanderbilt’s academic mission of research, education, and service.

exterior view of the U.S. Capitol, Washington DC.

Contact Us

Vanderbilt Office of Federal Relations
750 First Street, N.E., Suite 1110
Washington, D.C. 20002
(202) 216-4361

Areas of Focus:

  • Federal support for research and policies related to research and research agencies
  • Support for federal student aid programs and federal policies that impact universities
  • Tax policies that impact our students and families well as the university
  • Immigration policies that impact our international students and scholars
  • Other federal policies that impact the university

Our Team


ON THE HILL: Invest. Engage. Influence.

On the Hill

Campus Experts Advocate; Congressional Briefings; Funding Priorities; Higher Ed Policy; Congressional Staff on Campus; Campus Engagement.

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White presents at the Senate AI roundtable

Expert Jules White advises Congressional staff on AI impact in higher education

Vanderbilt University’s Jules White, a leading computer scientist and expert on large language models and prompt engineering, visited Capitol Hill recently to share his expertise with lawmakers. As the Senior Advisor to the Chancellor for Generative AI in Education and Enterprise Solutions, he was invited to participate in a bipartisan Senate AI Caucus briefing for Senate staff on the transformative role of generative AI in higher education.

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Visit Us in Washington, D.C.

We welcome members of the Vanderbilt community to visit the office in Washington, D.C. In addition to housing the Federal Relations workplace, the office provides a home base for members of Vanderbilt University's faculty and staff who find themselves in the nation’s capital for conferences, research, and other outreach activities.

Please notify us if you plan to visit, and we can provide you with a private office or conference room and information on other services available.