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A support program for students experiencing death or other loss

Please email for more information on meeting times or to sign up.

 If you need to speak with someone regarding your grief, please contact the Office of the University Chaplain and Religious Life at 322-2457.

 Office of the University Chaplain and Religious Life
401 24th Ave South (behind Branscomb dorms)


Grief Net offers Stress-Buster events with the delightful and loving certified therapy dog, Kinsey, pictured at the left. Take a study break on Tuesday, April 25, between 11:30 AM – 1 PM at Sarratt to get a hug from Kinsey and/or Thursday, April 27, between 11:30 AM – 1 PM at the Commons Center.

Kinsey is also available for group or individual Grief Net sessions.

Whether reeling from the death of a loved one in recent weeks or struggling a year or more after a significant loss the GriefNet Support Network will provide a safe, non‐judgmental atmosphere for exploration, to nurture and for growth. The group experience is not about “getting over it” but rather will help one “grow with it” by integrating loss into living.

Participants are never required to share or participate in any particular group activity but are merely invited to share when it feels right. Finally, while members will be encouraged to leverage any personal religious or spiritual resources to assist with their grief process we want to make it clear that this support network, although sponsored by the Office of Religious Life, neither assumes participants are a part of any faith tradition nor will it advocate for any particular beliefs or practices.

Who can attend?

GriefNet is open to all undergraduate, graduate and professional students currently enrolled at Vanderbilt University. There is no charge to participate.

You may have suffered a recent loss or are still dealing with the effects of a death from long ago. There are no time limits on grief or for GriefNet.