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Poverty and Activism on a Local Level

Posted by on Friday, October 11, 2013 in News, Project Dialogue.

Project Dialogue returns this year for an exciting line up of events. To get a clearer understanding of what students are looking for, Project Dialogue sent out a survey to undergraduate students asking what topics they would like to see addressed on campus. In response, students outlined four major areas that they would like to hear about. Poverty, US Finance, Higher education and Drug Abuse.

To answer the call, Project Dialogue will have events this year that will focus on each of those areas. The first event will be focusing on Poverty. In an effort to show how students can become involved in fighting poverty in our local area, PD will host a panel discussion with guests who can focus on local activism and offer expertise on how to get involved. Our panelists will include:

Tasha French Lemley – Executive Director and Founder of The Contributor

Andrew Kinks – former Editor of The Contributor and current VU Doctoral Student

Jennifer Bailey – Outreach Coordinator at Community Food Advocates and current VU MDIV Student

Dr. Clive Mentzel – Director of the Office of Active Citizenship and Service at Vanderbilt

We will gather in Vanderbilt’s All Faith Chapel on the first level of the Divinity School at 7pm. The event is free and open to the public.